How to Market Your Writing, Set Quarterly Goals and More

How to Market Your Writing, Set Quarterly Goals and More

The end of the year is approaching. And with that comes an opportunity for you to set new goals for your business and maybe even work on some new skills. Luckily, members of our small business community have provided some valuable business tips on these topics and more. Read on for some of the best business and marketing related content in our weekly Small Business Trends community roundup.

Market Your Writing Skills

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If you’re a professional writer looking to make a living from your craft, then you need to know how to market yourself and your services. And technology has opened up a lot of possibilities in this field. This post from Elizabeth MJ includes some specific tips for writers about digital marketing.

Set Goals for the Fourth Quarter

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The fourth quarter of 2014 is already here, meaning your business should be well on its way to achieving its financial goals for the year. But at this juncture, it’s still important to take a look at what you’ve accomplished and evaluate if you need to make any changes moving onto the remainder of the year. Butch Bella shares some of his top tips for setting goals and tracking progress for the all-important fourth quarter in this post.

Stop Stifling Your Content Marketing Efforts


Great content marketing will make your customers forget that they’re even being marketed to. So in order to make your content truly effective, you need to avoid constantly trying to sell to people. Here, Rhonda Walinga shares why this is important, along with some other content marketing mistakes to avoid.

Get the Most Out of Google Analytics


If you have an online business, then you probably already use a service like Google Analytics to measure your traffic and other website trends. But there are a few features you could be missing out on. This post from Brian Massey provides a how-to guide for setting up your Google Analytics account so that you receive the most helpful data possible.

Don’t Use Twitter’s Retweet Button

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If you use Twitter for marketing purposes, then you’ve probably retweeted other users at some point and it is a good strategy. But using Twitter’s native retweet button may not be. In this post, Adrian Jock gives several reasons why using the retweet button isn’t as effective for marketers as manually retweeting content. And members of the BizSugar community discussed this topic further too.

Achieve Focus With a Brand Positioning Statement


When you think about brand positioning, you probably think of larger companies. But small businesses can benefit from brand positioning statements just as much, if not more. Here, James Bregenzer explains why brand positioning can be beneficial and what type of information your small business should consider.

Hire the Right People for Your Company


If you want your business to be successful, then you need to hire the right people. Doing so depends upon your ability to know what characteristics are most important to look for in a resume and interview. But could it be that the characteristics you’re looking for aren’t the right ones at all? Some experts now think that companies should think less about experience and more about personality. Here, Alex Myers explains why this approach to hiring is effective and how different companies have implemented it.

Use Your Blog as a Communication Tool

(Kase Dean)

The Internet has certainly helped out businesses in a lot of ways. But sometimes it can distract from one of the main functions of marketing – actually talking to customers. That’s why Kase Dean thinks that businesses should use their blogs as a way to really communicate with their customers. He explains why and how in this post.

Consider Forum Marketing

(Carol Amato)

Online forums offer an experience similar to social media, but usually with more targeted audiences. For that reason, they can be great for small business marketing, but only if you use them correctly. In this post, Carol Amato shares some tips for integrating forum marketing into your overall strategy. And BizSugar members talked more about forum marketing as well.

Design Your Business to Grow


As a small business, you’re likely so busy worrying about the present that you don’t have much time to think about the future. But when your business reaches its next big milestone, you’ll probably be wishing you had a better idea of what comes next. So Rick Meekins suggests a few methods for planning ahead.

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  1. When it comes to content marketing, the most important thing is in consistency. You need to always have content no matter what. Of course, the quality also matters. It is the combination of consistency and quality that is important.

  2. These posts would have come in handy when I used to freelance write. I can see a couple that might still be useful though, the one about retweeting, for instance.

  3. Rhonda Walinga shares why this is important, along with some other content marketing mistakes to avoid.