16 Killer Places to Market Your App Besides Google

Places to Market Your App

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Developers of the app “Disconnect Mobile” have made big news lately, and not in the usual way. Google banned the app — twice — from the Google Play app store. (Though at last glance, it seems to have been reinstated again.) Disconnect Mobile prevents anyone from tracking or putting malware on a user’s device.

And that includes advertisers — hence Google’s displeasure. The point is hopefully you’ll never be banned by Google. But if you have a small business app you need to market, there are other alternatives.

Here’s a list of places to market your app besides the Google Play app store:

Apple App Store

Places to Market Your App

Of course, the most obvious alternative to Google is the Apple App Store — that is, if your app has a version that works with iOS. Available apps include not only business, but also in the categories of books, catalogs, finance and more.

F-Droid Repository


F-Droid Repository is for Android apps. But they must be free and open source. Users can browse and install apps, and also keep track of regular updates.


Places to Market Your App

GetJar is a third party platform that offers developers some great marketing tools such as pay per install campaigns and sales offers to engage new customers, and has a user base of around 100 million.

Amazon Appstore

Places to Market Your App

Available on Android, Blackberry, Kindle, Fire Phone, Mac, PC, and more, the Amazon Appstore is a great tool for multiple and cross platform app sales.

Opera Appstore

Places to Market Your App

This option allows you to share your app on multiple platforms and is available to over 200 countries. Opera can be accessed by over 6,000 and all major platforms.

LG Smart World

Places to Market Your App

A bit more specialized, LG Smart World shares to mobile LG tablets and phones, and opens the option of offering apps as well as stylization options: like downloadable wallpapers and keyboard styles.


Places to Market Your App

Another third-party Android platform, AppBrain allows you to view CPI and campaign information by country and customize accordingly.


Places to Market Your App

Available on Android tablets and pre-installed on systems Archos, Arnova and Naxa, AppsLib supports a user base of around two million users. It allows you to offer paid for apps through PayPal at a 30 percent share of revenue.


Places to Market Your App

SlideMe offers multiple customizable options for your app, like parental ratings, target country, promotional images, and video. This option allows developers to offer separate in-app purchases.


Places to Market Your App

AppsFire allows you to change your ad experience with options like Udon Noodle, to interrupt your customer less often and provide a streamlined experience.


Places to Market Your App

The ratings and featured apps on Appitalism are entirely community based, allowing each app the same chance of making the front page without big-names buying out the feature spots. Truly great apps can shine here, with customers in 50 countries and a potential reach of more than four billion.

1Mobile Market

Places to Market Your App

1MobileMarket offers security protection and an extremely safe download environment. However, the site is entirely comprised of free content so this will only work for marketing free apps.


Places to Market Your App

Mobile9 offers yearly agreements for app use that are actually quite a steal, and include things like support priority and audience building tools.


Places to Market Your App

Mobango allows you to publish apps free, and includes a ‘pay-per-download’ feature that assures you will only pay for completed downloads of your app. The site is accessed by millions of users on a daily basis, with top grossing apps pushing thousands of downloads a day. This site does, however, focus more on user created apps and content, like games, and has a much younger fan base.

Soc.io Mall

Places to Market Your App

Soc.io Mall “ensures that your paid apps or games are run only on devices of users who purchased them and that they can’t be resold to third parties,” which helps prevent loss of revenue. It also offers free app submission.

Insyde Market

Places to Market Your App

Use Insyde Market to first test if your app is compatible with an Android netbook, then upload it to a site with a library of around 600,000 titles.

You may be marketing a free app to promote your business, website or service or a paid app as part of your business model. This list of places to market your app will give you a starting point when trying to figure out how to get your app in front of your desired audience.

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