SlideShare iOS App Lets You Access 15 Million Presentations

slideshare ios app

You never know when a slideshow presentation about your business, product or service can come in handy. If you’ve met a potential client or lead on the road, the amount of time you have to tell them about yourself and your business is limited. A quick presentation could get that same message across much faster and be more effective.

A new iPhone app from LinkedIn’s SlideShare allows you to share your presentations on-the-go and learn about other presentations popular within your network. SlideShare is announcing that its first-ever iOS app, specifically tailored for the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, is now available. The app is built to work with iOS 8, and can be viewed on any iPhone running that operating system, according to a SlideShare release.

The new SlideShare iOS app allows you to have your presentations on your iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus at the ready, even offline. In addition to your own presentations, the slideshows and infographics of others within SlideShare’s vast networks are available via the app, too.

So if you need to brush up on details or be a little more prepared, you can probably find a quick presentation or infographic could give you that much-needed information.

In fact, SlideShare says it has more than 15 million presentations produced by field and industry experts available via the app.

There are more than 30 categories of presentations currently available. SlideShare says every day about 13,000 new pieces of content are being uploaded to the network. The iOS app is a bit new for exact data on the most popular of those categories. But on SlideShare’s existing Android app, the most popular presentation categories include business, education, design, technology, and marketing.

The new SlideShare iOS app also allows you to discover new presentations as they are being shared in your network.Your contacts can see the presentations you’ve liked and you can see the same among the people in your network.

If you see a presentation worth checking out or relevant for an upcoming meeting within the SlideShare community, you can use the new app to save it for viewing later, including offline. Presentations can be saved offline for viewing when connectivity or mobile data consumption are at issue, like during a commute.

SlideShare says the presentations on the network have all been tailored to work on Apple’s new devices and can be viewed in either orientation, horizontal or vertical.

iPhone 6 Plus w/Slideshare Photo via Shutterstock and Slideshare

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  1. For me who is always on the go and someone who you can call as a hoarder of information, this is great. It keeps you on top of things especially if it concerns education – which is my main field.