Targeted Victory Partners with Webbula

ALEXANDRIA, Va., Oct. 17, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Targeted Victory today announced the addition of a new data partner to Audience Exchange, their in-house data marketplace, and the most comprehensive one in American politics. Through a partnership with Webbula, a data industry leader, new audiences will be made available for targeting by full-service Targeted Victory clients and self-service Targeted Engagement users. These new segments are available immediately.

With over 400 targetable fields of interest and more than 180 million unique, anonymized individual profiles, Webbula’s data warehouse is sourced from over 50 providers and updated daily. Available audience segments include demographic, financial & income, travel, sports, interests, hobbies, employment, lifestyles, and more.  All audience profiles are thoroughly scrubbed of PII (Personally Identifiable Information) before being made available for client and partner use.

“Today, Webbula joins the stable of data industry leaders that have added their expertise and audience roster to Audience Exchange. With data from over 50 providers and sources, they’ll add another dimension of depth to the marketplace that our current and prospective users are sure to find valuable,” said Targeted Victory co-founder Michael Beach. “We’re looking forward to seeing how our clients put this new data into action.”

“We’re excited about the opportunity presented by this partnership with Targeted Victory. Webbula is always in search of new, actionable outlets for our sizeable data offerings. Integration with Audience exchange permits us to expose Webbula’s detailed data inventory to a wide audience ready to put it to work – exactly what it’s intended to do,” added co-founder Vince Cersosimo of Webbula.

About Webbula
Webbula’s consumer database is one of the data industry’s largest, providing over 400 fields of interest on over 180 million unique individuals. All consumer data is verified, ensuring accuracy. This database allows Webbula to bring consumers online and make them into targetable audiences, granting clients access to audiences with a proven interest in a product or service offering. Webbula has data usable for all levels of the purchase funnel and nearly any campaign.

About Targeted Victory
Targeted Victory (TV) is a leader in online advertising, online fundraising, email marketing, and integrated data management for political candidates and causes. Along with our technology services, we provide strategic digital campaign management and comprehensive web design and development services. We provide all of our clients with a custom strategy to best achieve their organization’s goals, incorporating a combination of our core services and others that fit your needs. For more information, please visit

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