Twoople for Business: Customer Service Chat at Your Branded URL


Twoople is an engagement platform that permits you to chat with anyone via a custom URL of your choosing. Hold a chat without both sides needing to be members of the same platform and without the limitations of a live chat application.

twoople for business

If you were late to the Twitter game, you might recall the disappointment you felt when you found out @yourbusinessname was already taken. Maybe you settled for @yourname_yourcity, or some other complex handle.

Staking claim to your name is much easier on a new site, such as Twoople, the communications tool launched in May of 2014.

What Do You Use Twoople for?

The founders say it’s an engagement platform which allows anyone to chat through a simple URL of your choosing, such as or

Your Twoople URL is publicized the same way you’d naturally share your e­mail address or phone number.

In other words, you can hold a chat with someone, without both sides needing to be members of the same chat platform or social media platform.  And you’re not limited to a live chat application where the other party must come to your website to initiate it.

twoople for business

“Its power lies in its everywhereness” said Pat Arlia, the company’s founder. “A Twoople address is free can be displayed anywhere you want to be engaged, such as a business card, on a blog, and in social media profiles … not just on your website, which is the case with other live­chat tools”.

In other words, if you’re a small business and your customer clicks on your Twoople URL, there’s no download or registration requirement they’d need to go through. Anyone who visits your Twoople address can chat with you in a livechat instantly, after you accept their request.

Besides engagement, there are other B2C scenarios where the software can help. Let’s say you’re using Twoople and offer a spontaneous discount to a customer, and need a reminder for yourself. The entire chat you just had can be emailed to the customer and to yourself via the mail icon. This also serves as a customer’s proof.

Twoople works on desktop browsers and, at this time, the Twoople mobile app is not available on Android tablets. Searching for it through Google Play on an Android tablet will yield no result. However, you will find it on Google Play if using an Android phone.

The ambitious startup has turned a lot of heads since its launch earlier this year.  The company said while there are plenty of good Twoople addresses still up for grabs, it’s uncertain how long that will hold true, especially if you have a common name. If you take customer service and marketing engagement seriously, or have plans to do so, now might be a perfect time to get the exact Twoople address you want because the company is poised for a growth explosion.

“At the beginning of July we had just over 4,000 users” says Arlia.  Within 30 days later, they had cracked 90,000 users in 165 countries.

Customer Service Alternative Twitter or Live Chat

Even though recent research discovered one out of three consumers prefer chat when dealing with a businesses, I asked about those consumers who prefer Twitter. Arlia said, “Twitter communication isn’t conversation-friendly and users need to jump through a few hoops before communication can even begin. It’s competitive to have a chat strategy these days, even if it’s not your biggest priority.” Arlia said his developers plan to improve Twoople while still keeping its singular focus.

Twoople vs. Social Media Customer Service

  • Customer complaints and comments on Twoople are not visible to the public.  Engagement is one on one.
  • Twoople’s purpose is singular — it’s just chat. It is not distracted by any other functionality.
  • Twoople’s platform is inclusive, meaning the customer doesn’t have to be on Twoople to chat with a business using Twoople. In order to have 2-way Twitter message communication, both parties need to have a Twitter account.
  • Customers may chat with you on Twoople without disclosing their identity, and without ending up in your circle afterward.

Twoople vs. Other Chat Platforms

  • You’re not limited to offering live-chat on a website. You can share a Twoople address anywhere you want to be engaged, e.g., on your business card, within advertisements, blog posts, etc.
  • Easy set-up. Anyone can do it without a hiring a tech expert.
  • It’s free and B2C focused. Other live-chat services tend to be costly, or the free versions are severely limited in functionality.



Alex Yong Alex Yong is a staff writer and host of the Small Business Trends Livestreamed Livelihoods interview series featuring sessions with today's movers and shakers in the livestreaming world. Alex was named a must-follow PR resource in Cision North America’s list of the top 50 Twitter influencers utilizing rich media tweets, alongside Guy Kawasaki and Lee Odden.

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  1. I love the mobile integration. I think that this is something most online chat mediums are missing. They lack mobile integration. It is nice how a business is able to address that.

    • Hi Aira, thanks. Just adding: I want readers to know the app can be used on iOS too. Really the only limitation of Twoople I see so far is mobile browser access on Android. I didn’t test it on a Windows Phone mobile browser, but, let’s be real – who uses that mobile OS anyway? Haha

    • Hi Aira, thanks. Just adding: I want readers to know the app can be used on iOS too. Really the only limitation of Twoople I see so far is mobile browser access on an Android tablet. I didn’t test it on a Windows Phone mobile browser, but, let’s be real – who uses that mobile OS anyway? Haha