Spotlight on Wheeldo: Every Site Should Have A “Sticky” Quiz

Wheeldo games and quizzes

All the “cool kids” — the experts — advise you to have a content marketing strategy.  But the more content everyone creates, the harder it becomes for YOUR content to stand out.

A startup called Wheeldo thinks the answer to that is gamification.  That’s a big word that simply means creating content that is fun or competitive.

Wheeldo (pronounced “We’ll do”) has an online tool that businesses can use to create a quiz or game.  But these are not just any games or quizzes.  These are designed to convert game players and quiz takers into sales leads — and ultimately customers.  You can capture email addresses.  You can even offer coupons and special offers as rewards at the end of the quiz.

Read on about and its approach to quizzes and games for business content that gets visitors to “stick,” in this week’s Small Business Spotlight.

What the Business Does:

Runs an online self-serve tool for businesses to develop games and quizzes.

As a user, you go online and sign up for an account.  Then you can create a quiz or game. You can embed the game or quiz on your website, or simply direct visitors to the game on the Wheeldo site. For premium level customers, Wheeldo provides a professional writer to help you create a game.

While there are any number of quiz creator tools online, Wheeldo’s games include the ability to add a call to action or be used to generate leads. Founder and CEO Irad Eichler explains:

“While the Web is full of all kinds of content, there isn’t any sure way to convert that content into leads and sales. In the past, content was delivered by the traditional press industry. Today, the platforms for sharing content are evolving rapidly and new ways of sharing content like photos, videos and games are constantly emerging.”

As a response to this challenge of converting content into leads and sales, Wheeldo offers content through games. Games are “fun and engaging,” says Eichler.  They keep people on your site, and they can collect an email address in order to deliver a coupon or otherwise collect lead information.

Business Niche:

Transforming ordinary content into “fun” content, at a fair price for small businesses.

Eichler says:

“Our vision is that every small business owner will have access to fun and engaging tools for the company’s online marketing. These are tools that otherwise would be available only to large enterprises with the budget to custom develop such products. We keep adding more and more fun and amazing games to our platform. The best feedback we are getting is that our platform is accessible, both UI wise and price wise.”

Detailed analytics also help distinguish the tool.  And there is a scoring leaderboard available, adding a competition element to quizzes, along with social sharing for participants to show off their scores.

The games can be used for consumer-facing businesses as well as B2B businesses.

How the Business Got Started:

As a training platform.

When Wheeldo first launched, it was used as a platform for businesses to train their employees. But the company used its own technology to market its services, which is when the “a-ha” moment came. Why couldn’t other businesses do the same? Eichler explains:

“We wanted to help businesses train their employees in a fun and effective way.  While marketing our platform, we realized that we are getting better results on our marketing campaigns using our games so we thought, ‘Let’s share it with other small businesses as well!’”

Number of Employees:



Biggest Win:

There’s one particular game that stands out.

Eichler likes to recount:

“It was a daily game about women and women’s issues. Customers signed up for it and received an invitation via e-mail every day to play the next game. Each day there were two winners, the one that scored the highest and also the one who placed forty-third. The results were amazing: 55% email conversion every day; 20% growth in the mailing list in a week. And the best part?  One day we sent the email invitations three hours later than usual. Sure enough, we started getting emails saying ‘What’s going on with our daily game? Send it over immediately!’”

Biggest Risk:

Using the company’s own technology instead of other Web marketing tools.

Eichler explains:

“Since we are preaching about customer engagement and lead generation using games, we are using our tools as well. We are paying less attention to other traditional Web marketing methods. Is it a big risk for a company our size? So far, it looks like it’s paying off!”

#1 Lesson Learned:

Choose the right team members.

Eichler points out that everyone brings something to the table when they join a business. It’s a question of getting the right mix:

“A new business is fragile.  You need to carefully choose who will walk with you on this challenging road.”

How They’d Spend an Extra $100,000:

Improving the product user experience.

Eichler says:

“I deeply believe that the best way to grow a business is to make the product better for the user.  You can learn that only by letting people use your product and getting real live feedback.”

Favorite Office Food:


The team at Wheeldo love eating hummus at lunchtime. And they also love enjoying beer on the roof of their office building overlooking TelAviv after a hard day’s work (see image at top of article, with Eichler on the left).

 Favorite Quote:

“You start as fast as you can — and then go faster and faster.”

* * * * *

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Annie Pilon Annie Pilon is a Senior Staff Writer for Small Business Trends, covering entrepreneur profiles, interviews, feature stories, community news and in-depth, expert-based guides. When she’s not writing she can be found exploring all that her home state of Michigan has to offer.

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  1. Yep.

    I’ve been trying out Wheeldo for the past 2 weeks. They approached me last month…

    Wanna play the game, Annie?

    The Franchise King®

    • Joel,

      I will play your game! 😉 I will test out Wheeldo. I talked about an idea for the gamification of the importance and value of collecting real money, silver and gold, several years ago.

      I wonder if I can create a quiz for my hobby tea business in the future?

  2. I agree. Social entertainment has become more important than ever. This is the reason why most brands have their own apps – it is to catch the attention of their clients who simply have too many to choose from.

  3. Interesting way to encourage conversions/leads. I also like that the games/quizzes are created by customers. I would have liked to have seen the daily game about women/women’s issues. Curious about that.

    • Very interesting! And I’d love to see that one too. Seems like a great subject for something like this.

  4. Joel: You are welcome! I will create a tea quiz! What’s your favorite tea?