Say Cheese! 4 Reasons You Need a Business Photo Shoot

Business Photo Shoot

You’ve invested in a new website and put energy into your social media platforms. You are working your brand publishing and content marketing and you are updating your personal LinkedIn with great content to leverage all the right connections for your business.

You take your online marketing very seriously and you are building new content strategies to better communicate with your target audience. You are publishing consistently and sharing your content across your social platforms like a champ.

So what’s missing?

Would you believe…YOU?

Too often, businesses neglect making the most of their greatest commodity when it comes to creating content for marketing initiatives – its people. With social media driving brand awareness and social engagement strategies pushing new limits in brand loyalist campaigns, more and more businesses of all sizes are maximizing the faces that make their businesses unique, trustworthy, dependable, reliable and, overall, awesome.

A professional business photo shoot creates an opportunity for your business to put its best faces forward. Professional images of your top executives and distinct service teams can be wildly popular on multiple fronts – social media sharing, online subject matter expert profiles, LinkedIn exposure and more.

Why Your Company Needs a Business Photo Shoot

People Want To See…People

Your services are great, but the human connection still matters when it comes to selling your products and expertise. People want to see smiling faces. People are attracted to images that reflect the human spirit.

Your clients and prospective clients want to know all about you – and your philosophy of business. What better way to show off who you are than to share the faces that power your business. Displaying images of your executives and team members on your website and across your social media platforms helps in everything from client recruitment to employee recruitment.

Your Social Media Needs Humanization

It’s great to show off your expertise on your social media platforms – technologies, products, innovations. But what about the human element? Your clients want more from you than just your knowledge and product portfolio. They want to trust you. They want to believe in your products and services. They want to feel engaged.

Sharing images of team members and subject matter experts creates an approachable vibe that draws people to your business. Creating social media galleries, albums and boards that share vibrant pictures of your talented team is a smart strategy for introducing your clients – and prospects – to the real power of your business, it’s people.

Your Team’s LinkedIn Profiles Need Polishing

Everyone knows that a company can be defined by its employees – and their actions. Unfortunately, this translates to your employees social media personas. While Facebook, Twitter and Google+ remain more creatively open environments for social sharing, one platform that demands professionalism at all times is LinkedIn.

Do your employees have LinkedIn accounts? What do their LinkedIn profile pictures look like – professional? Are your employees already sharing your articles and press releases and company news across their LinkedIn connections? If so, shouldn’t your employees look their greatest?

A professional business photo shoot will ensure your employees have the best headshots possible for display on LinkedIn. The result: your employees will display outstanding professionalism, reflecting the professionalism of your business.

Your Public Relations Manager Will Thank You

Think it’s easy to get a press release noticed? Think again. Press releases that contain great imagery are better equipped for recognition. Whether you are announcing a promotion or new hire, a sharp image will be a benefit to any public relations manager distributing your company’s news and activities to the world. Images of team activities, and even artistically composed images of everyday office perspectives, also lend a creative element to a public relations campaign.

Images are powerful – use them as public relations tools.

A professional business photo shoot can be a fun team building experience for any organization. Setting a budget for a professional photographer does not have to be an epic task. Simply research exceptional professional photographers in your region and discuss with them their strategies, philosophies and experience. Make sure to view samples of their work.

Allocating a little bit of time to make your company – and employees – take center stage in a photo shoot will not only be a morale boosting experience, but also an endeavor that gives you visual content to augment, and even amplify, your diverse outreach endeavors.

Make sure the photographer you select works with a fabulous stylist – giving your employees an extra boost to look their best. Your employees will love the experience of being pampered for a professional business photo shoot almost as much as they – and you – will adore the results.

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CJ DiRoma CJ is the owner and CEO of Station Avenue Productions, which is an event production firm she has operated for more than 20 years. In 2011, she founded Asterism Group, which today incorporates Station Avenue Productions as its event production and entertainment division. The Asterism Group includes Consumption Marketing and Little Flower Creative divisions, providing branding, marketing, graphic design and Web development services.

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  1. I wholeheartedly agree that a professional shot is needed for LinkedIn. You have to accept that people are judging you by your profile, including your appearance, and put forth the best image possible.

  2. People no longer buy through words alone. With the popularity of social media and other picture platforms, images have become more important than ever before. They are absolutely essential in a business.

  3. I think it is important that the photo shoot is both professional and personal at the same time. You see several of strictly business photos without any personal touch to it. You do business with individuals, not with businesses, in one sense. 😉

    I will book a business photo shoot for my upcoming book on tea, and I have already talked with a professional photographer.

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