From Our Community: How To Get Visitors to Click

From Our Community: How To Get Visitors to Click

The elusive click — it’s become the ultimate objective for online entrepreneurs. If you’re trying to get your visitors to click on sponsored content, even more so. In this edition of the Small Business Trends weekly community and information roundup, we examine how to improve engagement and more:

Make Sure Sponsored Content Gets Clicked

(BizSugar Blog)

Placing sponsored content on your site is one thing. Getting your visitors to click on it is another. If you run sponsored content on your blog or site, you probably find it challenging to actually get that content in front of readers.  This post from the BizSugar Blog outlines some strategies you can use to make sure your sponsored content actually attracts readers.

Use Digital Coupons on Twitter

(Marketing Land)

Twitter just added a new feature, Twitter Offers, which will allow businesses to use digital coupons within tweets. In this post, Martin Beck explains how businesses can leverage the new feature to increase sales.

Help Your Team Adopt New Technology


Oftentimes, companies find new technology that can help their business, but then their employees don’t really use it. To get the full value of new technology, there are things you can do to help your team adjust. Here are a few tips from Sunayana Pathak.

Use Vine to Build Your Social Media Presence

(Search Optimal)

Vine is not often thought of as one of the main social tools for businesses. But it can still be incredibly useful for certain types of brands. This post by Sudeep Banerjee includes some ways businesses can use Vine for their promotional efforts. And you can read more discussion about Vine from the BizSugar community as well.

Use These Online Marketing Tools to Promote Your Blog

(Blogging Wizard)

Blogging can be fun. But if no one ever sees your blog, is it really worth it for your business? Most new bloggers don’t want to spend a ton on new tools and advertising. But this post by Pooja Lohana includes some online marketing tools that bloggers can use without breaking the bank. Read more discussion on the post from the BizSugar community here.

Use These Awesome Content Marketing Tools


There’s so much that goes into creating a successful content marketing strategy, from creation to discovery and distribution. Luckily, there are plenty of tools out there to help you with each of these tasks. And Rahul Varshneya shares 11 of his favorites in this post. You can read more discussion from the BizSugar community about content marketing too.

Understand Bounce Rate

(K&L Social Media)

Web analytics can be a very helpful tool for helping an online business grow. If you use Google Analytics or similar services, then you’re probably familiar with bounce rate. But to really get the most out of your analytics, you need to really understand terms like this. So Leah Twitchell explains bounce rate and why you should care about it in this post.

Manage and Engage Millennials


Millennials can be very different from other workers. But if you know how to properly manage them, they can be incredibly valuable members of your team. In this post, Michel Koopman shares some tips for managing and engaging millennials in a business environment.

Keep Building Momentum Year Round

(America’s SBDC)

The holiday season can be a very prosperous time for small businesses, but it can also be incredibly hectic. So to take full advantage, you’ll need to start building some momentum as early as possible. This post from Gina Watkins includes some tips for getting the most out of the holiday season.

Buy These Gifts for Entrepreneurs

(Cate Costa)

As an entrepreneur, you probably spend some time with other entrepreneurs, either as collaborators, service providers, or part of networking or mentorship programs. These entrepreneurs can sometimes be difficult to buy for around the holidays. But this post from Cate Costa shares some unique gift ideas for the entrepreneurs in your life. BizSugar members also share some insights on the post.

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  1. I looked at the last post (Gifts For Entrepreneurs) for myself actually! And I’ve seen a couple of things I want to buy for myself. The one that’s of particular interest to me (and I really want to thank you for that) is the IdeaPaint. It might just be what I need for a project I have in mind.

  2. I have to agree on the millenial part. It is no longer about merely catching visitors. You also need to understand their personality. I think millenials are quite interesting because they have such a wide range of interest.