How to Create the Perfect Marketing Text Message

Marketing Text Messages

Text messaging is an increasingly popular method of communication, and not just for individuals. Text message marketing can be a great way to reach out to your customers. But you shouldn’t just send out any old text and expect to see results.

To assist those new to the world of SMS marketing, SlickText put together an infographic with some suggestions:

First, you have to make sure that the text is of value to your customers. Instead of bugging them with every new product or change that your company goes through, you should only send them things that are valuable to them, like discounts or special offers.

Second, that offer is what you should use to hook customers.  You should lead with the offer. Don’t bury it at the bottom of your message or some customers won’t even get the chance to see it.

Third, the offer should be exclusive and urgent.

Fourth, it should accompany a direct call to action, telling customers exactly what they should do to retrieve the special offer.

Finally, the text should include the business’s name so that subscribers know where the message comes from.

Some of these points might seem a little obvious. But SlickText insists all are crucial to a successful campaign. And it is definitely possible to include all of them in one brief message.

As an example in the infographic, SlickText gave this simple text message incorporating all the necessary components:

“Buy 1 appetizer, get 1 FREE for all VIP text club members tonight at The Lakewood Bar & Grill. Show this text to get the deal. See you there!”

This text includes all of the suggested components of  the optimal SMS Marketing message:

  • Buy 1 appetizer, get 1 FREE – This is the special offer, which is included at the very beginning of the message.
  • For all VIP text club members – This makes the offer seem exclusive. Only those who are part of the VIP text club receive this particular offer.
  • Tonight – This establishes a very specific time period in which customers can take advantage of the offer.
  • At the Lakewood Bar & Grill – The text also includes the name of the business. This ensures that customers know who sent the message and also where they can go to take advantage of the special offer.
  • Show this text to get the deal – This is the call to action. It gives very specific instructions for how people can receive their special offer.

You can view the entire infographic below:

Marketing Text Messages

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Annie Pilon Annie Pilon is a Senior Staff Writer for Small Business Trends, covering entrepreneur profiles, interviews, feature stories, community news and in-depth, expert-based guides. When she’s not writing she can be found exploring all that her home state of Michigan has to offer.

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  1. They are still using text messages for marketing? I usually delete anything that does not come from my friends. I am more receptive to marketing on Instagram and Facebook. Other than that, I filter it out.

    • I don’t subscribe to any text offers either, but I know they’re really convenient for some people so knowing how to write them seems pretty important.

    • They are!!! It’s still really unknown to 95% of the businesses population.
      While IG and FB are continually growing as well this is not fully or even that
      close of a business proposal. It’s merely a different group of passionate self driven
      individual marketer that you get to meet and speak with. We do our best to reach
      out to the right audience self driven. It should be for everyone in business and looking
      to get more for what they pay for. Consumers love to profit off businesses its rewarding
      on both ends of the transaction here!

  2. Hi Annie. I just want to know the difference this text messaging method makes with a mobile-accessible website. I think text messaging serves similarly as having an online presence that’s accessible through mobile devices. Is there any information that proves this method can help your business grow?

    • Hi Bill, that’s an interesting questions. I think that, as with most marketing methods, text messaging can be used effectively for certain business types and not so much for others. But mobile friendly websites are becoming more and more necessary for all business types. There’s a lot of data out there about both methods, but I think that they’re different enough that you can’t really compare them side by side. Text messaging is more used to contact people who have signed up to receive those updates, and mobile sites are for all customers and potential customers. I hope that helps!

  3. sweet stuff straight to business

  4. Some of the most popular types of businesses that use this include: car washes, restaurants, retail, etc.
    When I go to Target they ask me if I’d like to save 10% today on my purchase. If you say yes, they say you have to signup for a credit card to get the discount. If they would have said – would you like to save 5% by sending a simple text message “Target to 12345” I would be much more inclined to do that. Then I’d be in their remarketing list and they could reach me anytime anywhere.

  5. Nichole Lehmann

    Are there restrictions or guidelines you have to follow with using sms messaging for mobile campaigns when trying to target your existing clientele? So for instance, those customers that we have contact information for, but have not opted into text messaging?