Formax Proudly Launches O2O (Online-to-Offline) Trading Community

BEIJING, Nov. 26, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Formax announces the launch of its one-stop-shop individual trading platform – Formax JRQ Collaborated with six renowned securities firms in China, the new platform creates a unique trading model which aggregates A share, US and Hong Kong stock market, forex trading, commodities, funds and peer-to-peer lending, enabling users to invest online through mirror trading (forex and securities) with one single JRQ login (accessible to all online investment except A shares) unleashing vibrant Internet financial trading momentum in the new era.

“JRQ is an unique financial trading platform, established through mobile Internet and Internet technologies by Formax. Operated by its wholly-owned subsidiary Formax Shenzhen, Formax JRQ targets to become the largest individual online financial trading community in China, and now extends its reach to the global market,” said Bill Wang, Founder and Chairman of Formax Group Limited.

The first batch of key online services include Forbag, Forex Trading Copymaster, Peer-to-Peer connections and overseas private equity. Formax is now well recognized as the first online financial corporation in China which integrates forex and equity portfolio with mirror trading functions. Formax also puts “Peer-to-peer” networking as the core intermediary within Formax financial ecosystem, exploring and integrating various financial instruments forming dedicated debt financing models, forming a closed-loop control system in managing financial risks.

Contrasted with those issues online investors usually encounter in securities trading platforms and forums, including full of fraudulent information, insecure stock trading through intermediaries without proper licenses and possible leakage of all settlement memos, Formax JRQ delivers a series of financial services through the collaboration with licensed securities trading firms in the Chinese mainland. Following the real transactions based on trading figures, Formax JRQ explores high-performing, professional online investment guru and encourages them to actively share their trading plans, operations and trading logics, which enable them to attract ordinary investors to start their own investment through copy trading. Through JRQ, the all-rounded and close-looped Internet financial trading platform, investment information can be exchanged and transmitted in a free, open and equal way. The simple, transparent and safe investment process makes investment far more interesting through an interactive model based on “real transaction + quantitative copy trading + social media network”. This interactive trading model enables hassle-free investment and allows ordinary investors to capitalize their growth through following a professional investment guru. Formax JRQ commits to bring inclusive finance to ordinary investors through continued innovation and optimization, making it as a popular investment tool with “what-you-see-is-what-you-earn” feature.

Formed in 2012 and uniquely positioned as a new emerging, innovative online investment bank, Formax is dedicated to providing O2O (Online-to-Offline) integrated financial services, including online securities trading, wealth management and inclusive financial services to global investors. It extends its reach through seven wholly-owned subsidiaries covering the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Hong Kong, China, India, Thailand and Vietnam across the globe. Formax has already obtained licenses from different global jurisdictions for its five branches in the Chinese mainland. Formax has finished A round financing, raising tens of millions of US dollars through IDG Capital Partners, Credit Ease and Fosun. Three branches providing high-end financial services are now opened in Beijing, Shanghai and Wuhan, realizing integrated O2O financial operations in China.

Tang Ning from CreditEase says Formax gathers leading traders and Internet technology experts from the Chinese mainland, and perfectly integrates financial and Internet technologies together to offer the service. Fosun Liang Xun Jun says Formax JRQ is a household name which blends mobile Internet technology with today’s middle class lifestyle, reshaping the individual financial investment approach of our new generation. It brings several different initiatives with high growth potential, forming the significant core of Foson’s strategic roadmap and it supplements the services offered by Fosun under existing licenses. IDG Capital Partners’ Xiong Xiao Ge says that internet finance should be expressed in new and different ways and that IDG in particular focuses on the strategic development of the Formax JRQ ecosystem and its potential for continuous innovation in the future.

About Formax Group Limited


Formax Group Limited (‘Formax’), registered in the Cayman Islands, is an international financial company dedicated to innovation and development. Since its inception in 2012, Formax has extended its footprint into the global market with a presence across seven countries and regions, including the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Mainland China, India, Thailand and Vietnam.

Formax group has obtained licenses from several jurisdictions:

  • Certificate of foreign exchange, such as precious metal spot trading (FSP in New Zealand, UK FCA in process)
  • No. 26 member of Tianjin mineral resources exchange
  • License 9 obtained

Formax’s rapid growth enables it to attract strategic investors and venture capital. By the end of 2013, Formax successfully brought in significant capital investment from leading venture capital company IDG Capital and CreditEase, a renowned peer-to-peer lending company in China.

Backed by its abundant financial strength, best-in-class technologies, global resources and tremendous investment experience, especially in derivatives, Formax is dedicated to growing into a leading provider of diversified professional financial services to investors across the globe.

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