FrontDoorSoftware’s New MEA App Will Turn a Smartphone’s Lock Screen into a Personal Safety Device

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EVERGREEN, Colo., Nov. 21, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — FrontDoorSoftware, a leading company providing theft protection software for laptops, has released a mobile app for Android and iOS devices. This app, called Rescue ME Alert (MEA), utilizes the company’s patented technology to help prevent theft and offers three new features (Medical, Emergency and Arrival) created to assist people in emergency situations.

The app’s technology is similar to FrontDoorSoftware’s laptop theft prevention program, which activates a contact information screen. This simple display is a proven method for retrieving a device because most people will return lost property to rightful owners. For Android users, this display appears before or with the lock screen. The app also uses the phone’s built-in GPS software to detect its physical location so owners can retrieve it.

The MEA emergency alert system that is built into the contact information screen provides the means to easily communicate in emergency situations.

– The M (Medical) button sends a text and GPS location to up to four pre-selected contacts communicating, “I am in trouble. I have XYZ medical condition. Send help to my location. My phone number is … .”

– The E (Emergency) button provides a way to discretely seek help. The button sends a silent text to up to four pre-selected contacts communicating, “I am in trouble and am sending a silent text. DO NOT call me back, but click the map link of where I am and send help to my location.”

– The A (Arrival) button sends a notification to friends or family of one’s safe arrival. The communication reads, “I have arrived,” and includes a GPS link to the location the text was sent from.

The Rescue ME Alert app costs $2.99 on Google Play and Apple App Store.

To purchase the app for Android devices, click here:

To purchase the app for iOS devices, click here:

FrontDoorSoftware Corporation is a privately held company based in Evergreen, Colorado. FrontDoorSoftware is quickly becoming one of the leading laptop and mobile loss prevention and recovery software brands available.

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