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Honest Business Slogan Examples That Tell What People Really Think

business slogan examples

Have you ever wished popular brands like Pepsi and Wii would use taglines that were a little more revealing?

Honest Slogans is a Tumblr that remixes famous logos with taglines that reflect what people really think of the brand. A project by graphic designer Clif Dickens, Honest Slogans will make you chuckle every time because, well — we all know these revised taglines tell the truth.

business slogan examples

business slogan examples

business slogan examples

business slogan examples

business slogan examples

business slogan examples

business slogan examples




Images: Honest Slogans

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3 Reactions
  1. It’s funny but it has some truth to it. But I don’t know how the companies would respond to this. After all, this is how most people view their brand.

    • Well, hopefully some companies will see the sense of humour in it and join along. And hopefully some will take it on board and perhaps improve (e.g. Ticketmaster).

  2. Hahaaaaaa! The Men’s Health one! That’s true!

    And the Pepsi and iTunes one! (chuckle!)

    I’m gonna go see if there’s one for Facebook 🙂

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