iPad Users Get Refund on Office 365

office 365 refund

Some iPad users may be in line for a refund from Microsoft, of all places. Microsoft recently changed its pay structure on its mobile Office app. The company had previously required an annual subscription to Office 365 from iPad users who wanted to do any editing or other work within Office using a special iPad Office app.

But now, Microsoft is allowing Office users on iPads and most other mobile devices to edit and work in Word documents and other parts of the Office via mobile app for free.

So iPad users who downloaded the iPad Office app and paid the annual subscription for Office 365 in order to work in Office from their tablets are in line for a partial, pro-rated refund, PC World reports.

The refund is good news for iPad users who rely on Office for business but don’t have a mobile Windows device with which to access it while on the go.

Microsoft had been charging $70 a year for a Personal version of Office 365. The Professional version was priced at $100.

There are more advanced features still only available to those who pay for an Office 365 subscription.

The size of the refund will depend upon when an iPad user subscribed and is expected to cover the remainder of the subscription. Refunds can be claimed up until Jan 31, 2015.

Venture Beatadds that the refund offer only applies to customers who purchased Office 365 Home and Office 365 Personal subscriptions after March 27. That’s when Office for iPad was launched.

The procedure for obtaining a refund depends upon where and how the subscription was purchased. For example, if Office’s mobile app and Office 365 subscriptions were purchased through the Office for iPad app, customers will need to contact iTunes support for a refund.

On the other hand, if the subscription was purchased through Microsoft or some other third-party provider, it will be necessary to contact Microsoft directly. Refund claims will be vetted and processed in up to eight weeks. The process may take more time if customers need to go through iTunes support. But for iPad users who spent money to access Office through their non-Windows mobile devices, it’s probably worth pursuing. Especially since now access is being offered for free.

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  1. It is a good thing that they are planning to refund. Some apps just go free without caring about all the customers who paid.

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