NASE Healthcare Reform Portal Staffs Online Experts

NASE Healthcare Reform portal

The American healthcare system has undergone so many changes in the past few years, it can leave a small business owner’s head spinning. Most of that confusion revolves around the new Affordable Care Act, now in its second year.

The new healthcare law sets forth a perplexing set of timetables, mandates and healthcare options. With all the information out there, one organization is trying to give its members a new resource — online experts that can answer specific questions posed on its website 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The National Association for the Self-Employed (NASE) has created the new specialized NASE Health Care Reform portal on the organization’s main website to answer questions and provide members with advice tailored to both small and micro-business owners.

At its thirty-fourth annual meeting, the NASE revealed the new portal on an “enhanced” NASE website. The portal offers resources and information available for NASE members and non-members to use. But NASE membership is necessary in order to get direct answers from the portal’s staff of online experts.

Vice President for Government Relations and Public Affairs for NASE Katie Vlietstra anticipates thousands of people will use the web portal looking for answers about the Affordable Care Act.

“Many of our members continue to have questions regarding the individual mandate and we believe this portal will provide another avenue to educate our members on the law and ensuring that they remain compliant,” Vlietstra told Small Business Trends in an email interview.

Vlietstra says the new NASE Health Care Reform portal is distinguished from other online resources about the new healthcare law by providing a staff of experts with a variety of specialties to answer members’ questions.

“Our healthcare experts are a team of individuals with vast knowledge of both the Affordable Care Act and the tax and legal implications for ensuring you are meeting the minimum qualifications for health care coverage under the law. The team is comprised of attorneys, tax accountants, successful small business owners, and former health insurance brokers,” Vlietstra explained.

At the organization’s annual meeting, NASE President and CEO Keith R. Hall explained:

“With open enrollment just around the corner for our nation’s health care system, our dedicated health care portal on our new website is designed for small business owners to navigate the health care market.”

The NASE says the new portal will give each member access to a professional that can provide guidance through the options under the new healthcare law. These professionals can help members find solutions specifically available to small business owners and their families.

The NASE is a non-profit member organization providing resources to the self-employed and micro-businesses across the U.S. The organization states that its mission is to provide “big business advantages” to what it says are its hundreds of thousands of  members.

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