Top 25 Brands You Should Follow on Instagram

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If you’re a small business seeking a better way to use Instagram, look for some good examples. Here are 25 brands you should follow on Instagram. They are brands that are using the platform effectively. Big or small, these brands can provide inspiration for your future campaigns.


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This classic cookie might not seem like the most interesting subject for a visual platform. But the brand shares a variety of creative images, projects and recipes that people can make with Oreos. The feed includes a mix of photos and videos, along with some calls to action to increase customer engagement.


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This feed is filled with stunning sports-related images paired with inspirational quotes. But the brand also has a few different hashtags that followers can use to connect with Nike. And the brand even re-posts some of these photos from other users periodically.

Taco Bell

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The fast food chain has managed to come up with some interesting ways to show off its menu and customers. Taco Bell also uses its Instagram account to announce new features such as its brand new mobile ordering app.


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This feed includes so many photos of different Audi models in different environments. It even incorporates photos taken by actual Audi drivers. And the brand makes use of special campaigns and hashtags like its #TDIChallenge, which shows an Audi on a cross-country road trip.

American Express

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American Express uses its Instagram account to share updates and news pertinent to its members. But it also shares photos and videos depicting how some members take advantage of the rewards they get from their accounts.


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This account is full of photos that depict everything from technology to nature. The captions often include interesting scientific facts. And Intel periodically shares some behind-the-scenes photos of new technology its team is developing.

Pabst Blue Ribbon

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This beer company shares a variety of photos that show the PBR logo and products in different environments. Posts include PBR cans and logos used in décor and everyday environments where people might enjoy the product. It also includes recipes in which the beer can be used.

Virgin America

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Virgin America’s feed includes travel-related photos and videos, along with some behind-the-scenes posts showing the company’s employees and some of its initiatives. The company also encourages follower interaction by asking customers to tag them in their own travel posts.


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This feed features Sephora’s many products, along with some re-posted customer photos. But the company also utilizes the platform to allow customers to shop for the items depicted in each Instagram post.


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The menswear retailer posts images of its products along with some lifestyle images that go along with its brand. The company also includes some contests and questions to encourage interaction with its followers.


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Gucci’s page includes a mix of professionally styled photos and videos of its products and behind-the-scenes images of its models and other team members.


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Converse features images of its products along with some lifestyle images that its followers might enjoy. The feed also features posts from the brand’s concerts and events.


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MTV’s official Instagram feed shares both photos and videos and includes celebrity news and updates. It also contains some behind-the-scenes images and special promotions or seasonal content. For example, MTV shared several celebrity Halloween costume ideas throughout October.

Warby Parker

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The eyeglass retailer has an interesting mix of photos and videos on its Instagram feed. Some depict new glasses and sunglasses. Other posts include images taken by actual customers. And the rest feature Warby Parker team members in their work environment.


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Since GoPro wants to show off the versatility of its cameras, its feed contains images from all kinds of adventurous environments. Photos and videos show users on roller coasters, under water, surfing, skydiving and more.


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This feed features some images of Sharpie products. But for the most part, the company uses its Instagram to show off art and craft projects from actual Sharpie customers.

Red Bull

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To go along with its “Red Bull gives you wings” tagline, the company shares photos and videos of extreme sports and other adventurous activities.

Target Style

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This feed shows off Target products in real-world settings, from fashion and beauty to home décor. The company also encourages customers to show off their own Target posts using the dedicated #TargetStyle hashtag.

General Electric

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This company shows off posts that include GE’s innovative products along with other scientific facts and tidbits. The company also features special promotions and contests to encourage interaction from followers.


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This fashion brand uses its Instagram feed to show off its various products in a variety of different settings. It includes behind-the-scenes images from fashion shoots and in-store photos. There are also photos of customers and models wearing Topshop pieces.


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This account features Vans juxtaposed with lifestyle images of music events, art, biking, and other activities and interests that go along with the company’s brand. Vans also regularly re-posts images from its customers.


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The cafe giant uses its Instagram account to show off more than just pictures of coffee. The company also includes coffee-themed recipes, re-posted photos from customers and artistic photos of Starbucks locations from around the world.


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The NFL’s Instagram feed is full of images that include updates about upcoming programming, scores from completed games, stats and more.


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A tamer version of what you might expect from Playboy, this feed offers a behind-the-scenes look from the Playboy models and staff.

Forever 21

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This feed features professionally styled photos and videos that fit perfectly into the brand’s aesthetic. The company also utilizes hashtags that its customers can use to show off their own F21 items.

Images: Instagram, Instagram feeds photo via Shutterstock

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