Uber and Spotify Team Up to Bring Your Music Playlist to Your Next Ride

uber and spotify

If you’re a fan of Uber and Spotify, your rides just got a whole lot smoother!

Soon you’ll be able to travel in style by choosing the soundtrack for your Uber ride. When you request a new ride via the Uber app and get matched with a music-enabled vehicle, you’ll also be able to connect to Spotify and select between ready-made playlists, your own playlists or whatever else you’d like to hear. You’ll also be able to wirelessly control the music during the ride using either the Spotify or Uber apps.

According to the Spotify announcement, the new feature will be available to Uber and Spotify Premium users on November 21st in 10 select cities, followed by a global roll out.

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  1. Very cool idea and I had a great experience with Uber my last couple times. I think the regulatory issues still need sorting out, but the drivers were awesome.

  2. Lotta Gergils Aston and I talked about this in our latest episode of our podcast show, TrendPal.

    Have a great ride with your favorite music! 🙂

  3. I love Spotify. I love how I can take my music anywhere without having to download each one. I think that it is a perfect addition to Uber as it will really improve the experience of their customers.