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  1. Keep in mind that when you do surveys you’ll get the best response from people on the extremes; either really happy people or really angry/frustrated people. The majority of “average” customers don’t usually feel motivated to do surveys. Knowing this, temper your reaction to results and look for common themes. What are you doing that seems to come up over and over again on positive surveys? What comes up repeatedly on negative surveys? This is the actionable insight that can really move the needle.

    Great post.

    • Robert: Thanks for sharing your insight in this area. I have been grabbling with this issue for some time, thinking that surveys will get skewed by the two extremes.

  2. I think all of these are important but things can get quite overwhelming especially if you don’t have a staff member that will track all these. It may be best to focus on just a few.

  3. With the new terms and conditions for Facebook plus the minimum results Twitter brings to small businesses, are you sure that social media is still worth a company’s time and effort?