Can Your Business Achieve Teamwork Like This Community Did?

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Over the past few years, it seems like people’s holiday light displays have gotten more and more intricate. People have covered their entire homes in twinkle lights, set their displays to music, and racked up huge electric bills in the process. But this year, there’s a light display that puts all those others to shame.

YouTuber Jeff Maxey posted the videos below earlier this month. They show an overhead view of a neighborhood in Yucaipa, California. The entire neighborhood banded together to put on a Christmas light show set to music.

The first video below is set to Trans Siberian Orchestra’s “Wizards of Winter:”

And check out the second video set to Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas:”

As you can see, the care and effort that went into creating this display is … well, astounding. Coordinating a whole display like this throughout an entire neighborhood had to take an incredible amount of planning, dedication and cooperation from all involved. The videos above were even shot by a drone.

But as a result, residents of the area not only got to have the satisfaction of seeing their lights set to music. They also got to have their handiwork displayed for all to see on YouTube. To date, the first video has nearly three million views on the site and the community also has a Facebook page for its Yucaipa Christmas display, and a Yucaipa Christmas site.

In order to get that amount of attention, the residents of the neighborhood really needed to band together. And that level of cooperation is also essential in business.

You have to plan carefully, display attention to detail, and have a great team. More specifically, you need to make sure every member of that team understands the goal you are working toward. This might mean you need to offer incentives or maybe just present a clear plan at the very beginning.

But if residents of a neighborhood can band together and show such dedication for a holiday light display, surely your business should be able to do the same.

Just be sure to clearly articulate your vision. Give your people the bird’s eye view of your idea and make them feel a part of the process. You might be surprised at the results.

Image: Yucaipa Christmas


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  1. It’s a nice way to draw people to a certain area. I love Christmas lights. It makes everything look lively amidst the dark night. Putting everyone’s efforts in can help the community so it’s a win-win for everybody.