Alinean Launches Free On-line ROI Calculators and Assessments for Sales, Marketing and IT

ORLANDO, Fla., Dec. 18, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Alinean, empowering B2B sales and marketing to better communicate and quantify the value of solutions to frugal buyers, today announced the release of a new portal “I Want My ROI”, with a collection of free online return on investment (ROI) calculators and assessment tools, helping executives to benchmark spending, assess performance and drive business improvements.

The free ROI calculator and assessment tools available from the portal include:

  • Marketing Calculator – analyzes marketing strategies and spending versus competitive benchmarks and delivers financial calculators to help in improvement planning and driving better marketing effectiveness.
  • Sales Effectiveness Calculator – assesses current sales management and enablement spending and practices, to quantify the current cost of “do nothing” and the financial benefits of various best practice improvements.
  • Sales Enablement Maturity Assessment – developed in conjunction with Sales Enablement Group ( to help sales enablement professionals assess the capability and maturity of their current practices and build a roadmap for future improvement.
  • Sales & Marketing Productivity Assessment – developed in conjunction with Forrester, to help C-level executives understand and quantify the productivity of their sales and sales enablement investments.
  • Mobility ROI Calculator – developed in conjunction with IDC, to help assess the ROI of different mobility strategies.
  • Downtime Calculator – quantifies the current cost of downtime on revenue, business processes and productivity, and the benefits achievable via improved availability.

Each ROI calculator and assessment tool contains research from leading analyst firms including IDC, Forrester and SiriusDecisions; and assessment, performance and spending benchmarks aggregated and constantly refreshed from the community of users.

“In this do-more-with-less economy, today’s executives are more risk averse and budget constrained,” says Jim Ninivaggi, Director of Sales Enablement Practice at SiriusDecisions. “Alinean’s free ROI calculators and assessment tools deliver the latest competitive insights and tools to help these executives uncover improvement opportunities and quantify the financial impacts of various strategies.”

“Executives are under pressure to do-more-with-less,” says Tom Pisello, the ROI Guy and CEO / founder of Alinean.  “These tools provide great comparative benchmarks, insights and justification to develop and drive business value improvements.”

The tools were developed using Alinean’s ValueStory Cloud, a platform and toolkit for quickly developing interactive storybooks, infographics, assessments and ROI/ TCO calculators.

The portal can be accessed at

For iPad users, the calculators and assessments are also available for free installation and use on iPads from the App store.

About Alinean

Alinean empowers B2B vendors to better connect, engage and sell to today’s economic-focused buyer via the development and delivery of value messaging, interactive sales / marketing tools and sales training. Alinean creates more compelling, value-focused conversations, proposals and ROI / TCO business cases — generating more demand, challenging the “do-nothing” buyer into action, accelerating sales cycles, increasing deal size and improving competitive win rates.

Leading B2B firms leveraging Alinean value marketing and selling services include: HP, IBM, Microsoft, Dell, Intel, OfficeMax, IDC/IDG, AT&T, BMC Software, ADP and SolidWorks.

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