20 Brands Killing It With Vine Marketing

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Vine presents a unique opportunity to visually promote your brand. It’s a great way to connect with your customer base as well as branch out to extend your business’s reach. However when talking about such a short span of time, the challenge is clear. When you only have six seconds, how can you make it count?

To help answer this question, take a look at these Vine marketing examples of brands that are making Vine work for them.

Vine Marketing Examples


Target has made a game out of their Vine videos. By utilizing hashtags, fans create their own videos based on a game of tag. The result is interactive and smart marketing, and perhaps something to emulate.


Your business may not have access to pro athletes like Puma does, but you can still take a page from their Vine playbook. Create videos depicting people using or wearing your products. Videos like these don’t take much effort to make and show your products in action.

Ritz Crackers

Sometimes it’s enough to just make a funny video. Ritz Crackers’ strategy involves amusing videos that are addicting to watch. And most don’t even feature their products. Just make em’ laugh and they will keep coming back for more.


If you have a little more knowledge and skill, you could create videos similar to these by eBay. In just six seconds they make it clear what their brand is all about. The videos say “fast and simple shopping right from your home.”


MTV focuses on behind the scenes antics for their videos. Part of their driving force is admittedly star power, but their strategy is one that can be easily replicated. Think funny moments captured between coworkers or during events.

Trident Gum

Have fun with stop motion. Trident doesn’t have the most visually striking product, but they have made the most of it. Their simple, slightly cartoonish style puts their product in the forefront without much effort.

USA Today

USA Today proves that  just a touch of creativity is all you need. Take this video for example. Over 14,000 loops and it’s just a guy holding their paper and drinking a Slurpee. They also take advantage of random events like National Doughnut Day.

Cadbury UK

Cadbury UK knows it’s niche, delicious candy. Their videos depict decadent treats created from some of their most popular products. The resukts are helpful and drool worthy.


Burberry is a high end brand and their videos are made to match. You may not have the budget or manpower to accomplish the same effect, but you can strive for the same strategy. Be sure to make videos that match your brand.


Sephora features how-to videos using their cosmetics. This is effective because it’s easy to do and connects with the people using their products.

Disney Parks

Disney works with what they have. The large fan base already exists so by utilizing hashtags these fans can upload videos of themselves enjoying Disney’s Parks. It makes things easier if your fans do a lot of the work for you.

Ford Motor Company

Ford uses their Vine to showcase 6 second commercials. These little snippets might just be an echo of what they put out for TV, but they have tapped into the potential of free advertising. The only cost is in making the video.


Variety is the main theme behind Mashable’s videos. If you are aiming to get multiple demographics, then why not try it all?

Nike Football

Nike has a separate account just for their brand but they have also branched out. Nike Football is dedicated to one of the most popular sports worldwide. By doing this, Nike has focused on what their customers like and is delivering what they want most.

Wired Magazine

Wired Magazine targets their customer niche with funny videos centering around pop culture. They also use their Vine to promote their YouTube channel by giving tidbits to get their fans curious. The strategy is simple: hook them and then reel them in.


Just like the company’s website, BuzzFeed’s Vine features videos that are endlessly entertaining and addicting to watch. They just keep on doing what they are good at. They also update frequently to keep their fans coming back for more.


Sony uses Vine to show off their products. With this strategy you don’t have to get overly complicated or spend a great deal of time or money. All that’s needed is a simple straightforward peek that grabs attention.

Dunkin Donuts

The videos put out by Dunkin Donuts take a little more effort and planning. They tap into the creative possibilities Vine presents. The videos are cute and colorful, just like the brand. But they are also a good example of what can be accomplished with a very short clip.

Manchester City FC

The tactic used by Manchester City FC seems to be frequency. They upload videos daily and sometimes hourly. These numerous little snippets help make fans feel a part of the daily behind the scenes workings.


Airbnb uses Vine to push their logo. Their colorful videos are simple and center around their brand’s symbol. It’s a good tactic, especially if your small business is just starting out with Vine.

Vine has all sorts of potential. Your small business may not have the resources some of these brands have, but you can utilize their strategies to make the most out of what Vine offers. So go out there and start shooting!

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  3. The great thing about vines is that they’re easy to follow, view, and re-share. Great marketing strategy for anyone looking to spice up their brand. Thanks for sharing!

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