Cicret Could Turn Your Skin Into a Smartphone Display


The Cicret Bracelet may turn out to be the latest evolution in a rapidly growing wearable market — if the device ever sees the light of day. And what’s most interesting about this new gadget in particular, is that you already own half of it.

Cicret is a bracelet that projects a fully-functioning Android tablet on your skin. That’s right: on your skin.

So, if you’re sporting the Cicret bracelet on your wrist, a small light beam on the device will project your standard, everyday Android home page right there on your forearm.

And this includes making and taking phone calls.

The wrinkle is that Cicret is just in the planning stages, according to And a scam warning has been posted on the company’s website. It warns against unscrupulous online sellers who may be suggesting they already have the device in stock.

There is reportedly no actual working prototype. But there is a fully-functioning website that promotes an app that would be tied to the bracelet.

Check out the video developers have created to demonstrate how the smart bracelet would work:

On its website, the Cicret development team is seeking to raise $1 million to get its project off the ground.

An earlier Indiegogio campaign is now closed after raising only $1,357 of the $500,000 developers were initially seeking. Right now, the effort is limited to asking for donations via PayPal.

As a result, there is no established release date for Cicret. However, is reporting that we could see a working prototype and public unveiling in a few weeks. It also reports that Cicret would support both Android and iOS.

So assuming that the Cicret bracelet does become a reality, the device would hide a lot of small components within a winding band that goes around the wrist.

Inside there would be a Pico projector to display the smartphone screen to which the Cicret is synced. There would also be a processor, a memory card, a micro USB port, a small battery, a Bluetooth chip, a WiFi chip and even an LED light.

All these devices and any Bluetooth connected device would work together to replicate the Android experience you’d normally get on your tablet or smartphone.  Only this time that experience would be replicated on your wrist or wherever the Cicret Bracelet is attached.

It’s uncertain how much the device might ultimately cost if released. Another question is whether anyone would want it.

Image: Cicret


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  1. Hate to be a pessimist, but I don’t see the “why” of this device. Sure it’s cool, but if it doesn’t fulfill a need or solve a problem with existing smartphones it won’t go very far. Is there something I’m missing?

    • No, we agree. You make a good point here, Robert. And this may be a key to why the crowdfunding has, thus far, been unsuccessful. Essentially what this product has going for it is novelty — which is the main reason it justifies a story. Whether that is enough to take it further remains to be seen.

  2. wow that’s cool

  3. But I think that this is a concept that other people can build on. Sure, it is not perfect but once someone is able to perfect it, there is potential. After all, the bracelet is still smaller than the phone. You’ll never know when people will have the taste for it.

  4. Never have to worry about dropping it, losing it, or having it stolen. I pay for insurance monthly on my phone, a Samsung 5S, and I’m thinking it adds up enough to make the switch a good move.

  5. The need is there. Id love to not have to carry around my phone. To have everything right there in a tiny bracelet and have it connected to a blue tooth ear piece or my car while driving would be amazing. no more bulky phones. I think this is the future.

  6. at what distance of mobile your cicret bracelet may work

  7. And not having you drop it and crack it but what about headphones how will only use listen to the music without every body else hearing it ? But other than that its great

  8. Its nice concept i had in mind in 2011 and i am working on its technical capabilities to take forward, hope i understand this better and get hands on this.

    @skyla, Nice question, it doe shave a bluetooth which can connect to two device at a time, one can be your mobile and other can be your bluetooth ear piece.. not sure they progarmming that way but my ideas are in this direction…

    I still need to know whats stoping them to get intouch with Smartphone Organization than seeking fund raise ?

  9. I think this is brilliant and would definitely buy one!!

  10. You do realise this is a con and will never work. The video is animation. The prototype is out and is designed to fool people into believing it may happen. You cannot project at that small angle unless you change the laws of physics. You also cannot have a linear array of sensors and detect finger position on a 2D surface (at least not with any accuracy with the width of a wrist)

    Why do all these publication make out this is going to be released next month?