It Might Be Time for Your Business to Consider Using Solar Energy

using solar energy

The use of solar energy is increasing. So if you haven’t already, it could be the perfect time for your business to consider taking advantage of solar panels.

You probably already know that using solar energy is helpful for the environment. But did you know that those environmental benefits can actually help you grow your customer base? Since customers are becoming increasingly aware of environmental issues, some are actually more likely to support businesses that show that same concern for the environment.

Of course, saving the world isn’t always a good enough reason for businesses to buy a bunch of expensive equipment. And solar panels can be a major up-front cost for businesses. But those costs are falling. And over time, businesses can more than make up for those expenses by saving on energy costs.

In Tech Cocktail, Sarah Willis writes:

“The average US home powered by sunlight [is] saving $1680 a year. After installation costs are paid, businesses can be bill-free (as long as electrical needs are being covered). Eventually these first-time costs will be covered and there’s even a chance to make some profit too.”

Businesses that generate more electricity than they need can actually sell that extra energy in 43 states. But aside from that, the savings can make energy costs more manageable, and also more predictable.

One major criticism of solar energy over the years has been its reliance on the weather. And it’s true that certain types of businesses may face issues getting their money’s worth, such as businesses that operate at night and those surrounded by tall buildings. But solar technology is advancing so that storing energy to use later will become more affordable.

In addition, other sources of energy such as gas aren’t exactly stable. And as resources deplete they could become even more unpredictable. Solar energy, on the other hand, isn’t something that will ever run out. In fact, it will only become more stable and easier to use. So if your business hasn’t already started using solar energy, isn’t it time to consider it?

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Annie Pilon Annie Pilon is a Senior Staff Writer for Small Business Trends, covering entrepreneur profiles, interviews, feature stories, community news and in-depth, expert-based guides. When she’s not writing she can be found exploring all that her home state of Michigan has to offer.

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  1. Great post on solar energy Annie. Yes, it is a source of power that must be embraced by homeowners and small businesses alike. Now that it make financial sense to do so, the adoption of solar energy will only increase.

  2. yes all is correct but your contract with the company installing the panels could be for years and what happens when you are ready to sell the house ,does the new owner want keep up the payments? what happens if they don’t want them on the roof and who replaces the parts and who changes the system as the efficiency goes up and the prices go down

    • Good points. This post is mainly aimed at businesses, so I think that established business owners who plan to be in the same location for a long period of time are probably the ones who are more likely to undertake this expense. I guess homeowners who plan to be in the same place for a long period of time are probably also the ones who would be most likely to make this choice too though.

  3. Why install the more expensive, single sided, ugly, low efficiency, framed solar panels that the solar leasing companies are offering, when you can install beautiful, much higher efficiency, frameless, see through, double sided, glass on glass, Hyper X 2 solar panels.

  4. New Mexico offered rebates for solar purchases in late 1970s. Husband and friend installed and we’ve been solar ever since. Big old panels look pretty outdated now, but are still doing their job.

  5. I take issue with the constant harping on the fact that solar panels only work when the Sun is out.

    Aside from the fact we have all heard it a million times and all knew it before we heard it the first time, that noise stands exactly where it should be remarked that it’s remarkable that whenever the air conditioner is on, the solar panel is on, too.

    I doubt it’s an accident, but either way, knock it off.

    • News Flash, there are solar panels that produce power and heat from the same area. The heat is on demand even at night without storage. Solar energy in the dark is big news, called SunPump.

  6. Installing a home solar system is the best way to beat rising electricity costs. You are also greatly helping our environment by producing clean energy from a renewable source.

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