Use Dwolla in AccountingSuite and for 30 Second Payments

dwolla in accountingsuite

Digital payment option Dwolla recently made two big announcements that may increase the number of people who use the payments system and the speed at which its transactions are completed.

First, Dwolla has been integrated into AccountingSuite.

AccountingSuite is an all-in-one app for accounting, inventory, order management, and time and project tracking. Integrating with Dwolla allows AccountSuite vendors to accept and request Dwolla payments from their customers. And Dwolla payments should allow AccountingSuite vendors to have more immediate access to funds that are transferred using the digital payment option.

Vendors who have their AccountingSuite linked directly to a bank account can get Dwolla funds there in as little as one day, according to a press release announcing the addition of Dwolla to AccountingSuite’s app roster.

AccountingSuite co-founder Kurt Kunselman says in the release that the addition of Dwolla creates an even easier method of sending and receiving payments. Kunselman explains:

“Every day we are working to make accounting easier and less expensive for growing companies. With this integrating, our users can simply create a payment form for a vendor’s bill, then click the pay-with-Dwolla button or get paid with Dwolla by generating invoices with pay-with-Dwolla button.”

Dwolla has also made it easier and faster for users to send money to vendors or others who don’t currently have an account with the company explains Jordan Lampe, director of communications and policy affairs in a recent post on The Dwolla Blog.

Dwolla users can now take advantage of the new Dwolla Direct feature to send money to those without a Dwolla account. And the company says that the non-user can set up to receive the payment in his or her bank account in about 30 seconds — even though it may take two or three business days for the money to be available.

When a payment is sent to a non-user, it’s sent directly to his or her email. Once the non-user spots the payment notification in the inbox, he or she needs only to enter bank account information to have the money deposited.

Once the original setup is completed, future payments will be automatically routed to a non-user’s bank account without the need for additional setup.

Dwolla was initially developed as a way to allow small business and others to make digital payments while avoiding the accumulation of credit card transaction fees.

Dwolla charges a flat rate of 25 cents for any transaction more than $10. Transaction under $10 are free.

As an example, a $5,000 transaction would cost a Dwolla user just a quarter the same as a $20 transaction. By contrast, that same transaction using PayPal would cost a user $145.30 in additional fees.

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  1. Not a great way to incorporate non-users. Sending an email and asking for bank information? Nobody in their right mind is gonna be ok with that. There will be scams everywhere!

  2. Considering its features, I think that they made a good choice in this area. Accounting and payment systems simply go together.