QuestionPro Acquires Microsurvey Company RapidEngage

questionpro acquires rapidengage

QuestionPro, an online survey company, has acquired RapidEngage, in a transaction that closed November 30, 2014.

RapidEngage is a microsurvey application designed to increase engagement and conversions from website visitors. QuestionPro provides software designed to create, distribute and analyze surveys.

The acquisition is a logical move for QuestionPro. As online surveys continue to evolve, this acquisition furthers QuestionPro’s position as a provider of multi-channel feedback solutions. The addition of RapidEngage will strengthen QuestionPro’s website feedback feature.

According to QuestionPro CEO Erik Koto, the acquisition will bring enhanced capabilities for customers to drive engagement and conversions. “With RapidEngage, businesses are able to encourage visitors to take action, such as signing up for a newsletter or giving feedback, before leaving the site. Businesses implementing RapidEngage are also able to interact intelligently with their best customers. For example, you can offer repeat customers a special discount if they visit the same product page or section of your site, multiple times,” he said.

Added Koto, “What’s so valuable about RapidEngage is that it can be targeted just to specific customers or visitors who exhibit certain target activity. We’re excited to bring this additional functionality to QuestionPro customers.”

Details of the acquisition were not disclosed.

RapidEngage says its app is designed to address issues experienced by websites that, for example, have lots of traffic but few conversions. With its app, a website can automatically engage visitors and “deliver the right message at exactly the right time,” states the RapidEngage website. The app can be used to get more signups, conversions, page views, sales or revenue.

RapidEngage is a microsurvey application, meaning it creates very short surveys that can be completed quickly — in this case 30 seconds or less.

RapidEngage was founded by Sean Callahan, Daniel Marashlian and Rodney Rumford. Prior to starting RapidEngage, the three had founded and run Plixi, a photo-sharing app that they later sold to Lockerz in 2011.

Before being acquired by QuestionPro, RapidEngage was part of EvoNexus, a San Diego-based, community-supported pro-bono incubator. RapidEngage becomes the eighth EvoNexus company to be acquired.

This is QuestionPro’s second acquisition in as many years. In 2012 QuestionPro acquired Pollbob to help expand QuestionPro’s polling features.

QuestionPro Inc. is an online survey company with 2.5 million users in 100 countries, and is headquartered in Seattle, Wash.

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  1. Smart move to expand their options without having to build it themselves.