3 Videos Your Small Business Must Have in the Coming Year

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videos your small business must have

Video is so important. Unfortunately, there are many business owners who feel that video is not for them or they simply haven’t taken the time to create them.

You can use your smartphone to do a simple video, buy a cheap video camera or invest in a professional one that might cost about $1,000 or so.

“The business benefits of using video to increase discovery, traffic, engagement and conversion are widely documented,” said Brad Jefferson, CEO of Animoto. “But we were curious about whether consumers actually find business videos helpful. The data shows that there’s a real power in business videos to help people make confident shopping decisions. Further, consumers develop a more positive impression of companies that use video and even find such companies to be more trustworthy. Businesses that don’t embrace video are overlooking a valuable way to reach their customers and will struggle to keep up with the competition.”

Read the press release from Animoto on small business video here. Animoto, says that small businesses must have three types of video:

Company Overview

Nearly two-thirds (64 percent) of consumers find it helpful to watch videos to learn more about the company they’ll purchase from. A simple company overview video highlighting your company’s mission, employees or founding story can introduce you and reveal what makes your business unique.

Product or Service Demo

Ninety five percent of consumers find video useful in researching what to buy, and 93 percent agree video helps in comparison shopping. An informational or 360-degree view of your product can help explain your product. And if you offer a service and not a tangible product, video can bring your offering to life by showing a behind-the-scenes look at the people running your business.

Customer Testimonials

These videos provide an opportunity to connect with prospects. Get customer reactions to their experiences and their permission to use the testimonial. Videos that tell a story and aren’t overly promotional go a long way in creating a closer connection with customers and increasing interest and support.

You can shoot and edit video on your own or hire a professional. Video you create on your own can be just a simple and short video you do on your smartphone and post to Instagram. But you can also hire a video producer to shoot a professional video of your business for a company overview. You can take a two minute customer testimonial and post it to your Facebook page. You can also hire a professional video producer to shoot a properly lit and scripted video centered around your favorite customer.

Here are some professional video producers, all friends of mine. Robert Weiss of Multi Vision Digital. Blane Fries of Share the Sizzle. And Glenn Zimmerman of Mad Bear Productions. Get started today!

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  1. These videos can really boost your business in terms of establishing your brand as well as solidifying your image. Videos are important because people all over the world have access to them. This is the reason why businesses just simply cannot skip them.

  2. Chuck, thanks for getting out this simple truth. Video is the one easy way to get your story told. It can take a bit more time and money on the front end but has greater power to engage and convert than written words and stills on the back end.

    Tom Smith
    Thomas Smith Productions
    Taking the Ordinary
    To the Extraordinary

  3. Have to agree with the main premise. Despite the low barrier of entry for video creation and publishing, most businesses seem to leave this out of their online marketing arsenal. Especially with successful companies such as Animoto out there. Just do it !

  4. Could you mention some small business companies that have incorporated these three videos in their web presence?

    • I agree that videos are a great and cheap way to market a small business. We use all 3 types of videos mentioned in this article to promote our all female motorbike tour business called XO Tours.

      We have a video at the bottom of our homepage that shows a fun company overview. On each of our tour pages, we have videos showing what we do on the tours, and how much fun they are. On Facebook page we starting posting short customer testimonials.

      We have over 300,000 views on our Youtube videos and almost 600 subscribers. The videos also add a bit of SEO value to our website. You can check our videos here:


  5. Absolutely agree! Videos are mandatory. Let’s not forget that people perceive most of the information around through their eyes. And people love to entertain. So what’s more entertaining than a nicely done company videos? 🙂

  6. Check out this gem of a company I just found this year. DemoChimp.com. They incorporate video in a sales demo but it also acts as a sales tool for your sales team to use in tracking who watches these demos. Awesome stuff.

  7. Video testimonials are huge! Always can use more of them for your business. It is the one thing that I always attempt to do when I see a client at an event. Ask them for a quick video testimonial of their experience. Can do this over Google Hangouts as well!