YouAppi Launches OneRun Mobile Customer Acquisition Solution

NEW YORK, Dec. 10, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — YouAppi, a pioneer in data-driven mobile customer acquisition, today announced that it is launching OneRun™, the first mobile app recommendation solution to venture beyond the install by acquiring customers predicted to deliver the highest post conversion Lifetime Value (LTV).

For mobile and app marketers, OneRun improves mobile customer acquisition by focusing on prospects YouAppi’s predictive and matching algorithms have identified as qualified, reducing customer acquisition cost by up to 70%. Thanks to YouAppi’s technology, OneRun is able to generate conversion rates averaging 10% for new prospects and 30% for returning customers.

A mobile marketer in the financial services category was able to reduce the Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) by 68% after YouAppi created a branded native mobile content experience and leveraged the company’s content matching algorithm in conjunction with predictive analytics and demographic / behavioral data.

For publishers, OneRun provides an SDK-free JavaScript tag-based platform that maximizes eCPMs and optimizes inventory yield and revenue beyond Real-Time Bidding (RTB). OneRun ensures that only the highest quality 3rd party content is displayed on the publisher’s properties.

OneRun powers YouAppi’s native creative product suite, comprising three creative units:

  • SmartApp™: a native, contextual  widget for in-content personalized app recommendations
  • SmartStore™: a personalized app store, tailored to each publisher’s look-and-feel and displaying targeted app recommendations
  • DirectRun™: a native unit which puts the publisher in control by enabling the publisher to select campaigns, including those sold by its sales team

YouAppi’s proprietary predictive and matching algorithms evaluate 25 real-time data parameters, including customer behavior and interests, location, time and demographic data, in order to deliver mobile customers with the greatest propensity for post-conversion engagement. In development since 2012 and based on analyzing the actions of 200+ million mobile customers engaging with 1100 apps and mobile sites, YouAppi’s technology has learned how to match the best content with the most relevant prospects, identifying profitable mobile customers who will deliver a higher customer Lifetime Value.

To ensure that each client gains qualified customers and not mere installs, YouAppi begins each client relationship by identifying the client’s Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) – whether it’s time spent on site, number of articles read or the number of items placed in the shopping cart or purchased. Once the KPIs have been defined, the campaign can be launched and continuously analyzed and optimized to ensure that OneRun delivers profitable customers, and not just installs.

“At Moburst we are constantly striving for high quality user acquisition through constant optimization of targeting and content,” said Ithai Eldan, Senior Media Manager. “We work with YouAppi to improve the quality of users we bring to our clients by understanding which of their customers engage and drive the highest lifetime value, and by that improve our clients’ ROI significantly.”

“Based on the performance of YouAppi’s technology, we’re so confident in our ability to go beyond the install that we incorporate client profitability metrics into our pricing,” said Moshe Vaknin, Founder & CEO, YouAppi. “Rather than charge a flat CPI, our pricing model is directly correlated with post conversion performance and is continuously updated and optimized”. Moshe is a serial entrepreneur now managing his fourth digital marketing startup.

About YouAppi

YouAppi, a pioneer in native, data-driven customer acquisition, acquires profitable mobile customers for marketers and agencies, providing one single point to streamline their mobile media buying. With most mobile acquisition providers focused solely on installs, YouAppi’s proprietary algorithms analyze the mobile content consumption, usage, and spending patterns of over 200 million users in order to identify and deliver customers with the highest Lifetime Value (LTV). It is this capability that empowers publishers running on the YouAppi platform to maximize their inventory yield. YouAppi was founded in late 2011 with offices in New York, San Francisco, Madrid and Tel Aviv. For more information, please visit

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