Angela & Roi Supports Charities with Colorful Handbags

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There are plenty of retailers out there that sell purses and bags. But not many of them sell bags that serve a bigger purpose. Angela & Roi aims to be the exception. The fashion company sells bags that raise money and awareness for various charitable causes.

Roi Lee, Angela & Roi co-founder and CEO, told Fox Business:

“We didn’t want to be just another handbag brand. That’s why we wanted to add social value to it.  While we were brainstorming this idea, we went to a fashion show that supported Aids fighters.  Everyone was wearing red to support the cause and that’s what inspired us.”

The company currently sells a variety of different purses and handbags in 11 different colors. Each bag features a color ribbon that represents a different health related issue. And for each handbag sold, the company donates $5 to a charity based on that particular health issue.

For example, every time a customer purchases a gray bag, $5 goes to the Joslin Diabetes Center. And when a customer purchases a purple bag, $5 goes to the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America.

Angela & Roi certainly isn’t the first company to support these types of causes with percentages from purchases of their merchandise. The company isn’t the first to use colors to symbolize various issues or charities either. But giving customers options to support different charities with different purchases is certainly an interesting wrinkle.

Those who have a personal connection to one of the causes mentioned might be drawn to the company because of its support for that particular charity. But then they could see some of the other styles and choose to make additional purchases.

Another factor in the company’s success is its product quality. Items range in price from about $58 to $165. And the styles are similar to those you might see at high-end boutiques and department stores. Each color might call attention to a particular cause. But the company doesn’t scrimp on its merchandise just because it supports social causes. So Angela & Roi is a socially conscious company that puts its product first, which could definitely set it apart from similar businesses.

The company has already more than doubled its offerings in the two years it has been in business. And the plan is to continue adding different types of products, including other accessories like wallets as the brand continues to grow.
Angela & Roi


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  1. What a nice way to insert something good in the fashion industry. It allows women to do more than just bags for themselves. It helps them contribute to the greater good of the world.

    • Very true – even a small donation can help people feel good about their purchases, and that can set a company apart from the competition.