Compunetix Presenter Release Features ‘Share Anywhere’ Web Access and OTT Audio, Video

MONROEVILLE, Pa., Jan. 7, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Compunetix, the industry’s leading provider of high definition collaboration platforms, is pleased to introduce the latest version of its CONTEX Presenter™ web conferencing solution. This newly minted, 5.11.0 version of Presenter introduces significant new connection capabilities for meeting hosts, enabling the sharing of meeting content regardless of connection type.

Web conferencing and remote collaboration software continues its evolution into the group coordination and communication paradigm of the future. Early entries into this space required significant client downloads and firewall configuration to allow meeting participants to communicate effectively.  Additional, complex efforts were also required to enable meeting hosts to share their data (presentations, files, images, web pages). Later, market offerings removed the need for administrative installs and IT network support, but still typically required a large client download in order to share content from the host desktop.

With version 5.11.0 of CONTEX Presenter, this download requirement simply goes away.  While this version still features optimized clients for popular OS platforms (Windows, Mac, and iOS), the new iteration enables full host access, control, and sharing via the ubiquitous web browser.  This means the Presenter platform and service can be accessed from any standard browser, and content sharing is made possible through a simple browser plug-in.

As always, Presenter continues to offer extreme ease of use, unmatched audio quality, and rich collaboration features such as whiteboarding, voting/polling, question and answer sessions, live video, session recording, invites and dial-outs, and a dedicated user portal for pulling it all together.

“Users and providers are moving forward quickly. Eliminating the download requirement for content sharing is a huge productivity boost. Presenter, like other popular web services, can now be host driven on-the-go from a tablet, laptop, smartphone or shared PC,” explained Robert Haley, Director of Marketing for the Compunetix Communications Systems Division. “It allows hosts to focus on the meeting and what they want to share, not the technology behind it.”

About Compunetix
Compunetix is the leading manufacturer of multipoint collaboration equipment and web collaboration software in the world. With over one million ports installed in more than 30 countries, the company has the industry’s largest worldwide deployment of digital teleconferencing systems. Dedicated to customer-focused and innovative technology, Compunetix engineers and manufactures all aspects of its conferencing equipment, ensuring its customers that their media processors are the highest quality, most reliable and most flexible solutions available. For more information call Amy Reese at (800) 879-4266 or (412) 373-8110, or visit the Compunetix website at

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