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Amanda Stillwagon As Chief Marketer for Small Business Trends, Amanda oversees online marketing, email marketing and social media marketing for the Small Business Trends group of sites.

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  1. Great article and questions, Annie.

  2. Thanks for all the posts about employee feedback lately. I know how important it is but it is hard to implement it especially if you don’t know where to start. Your posts are definitely helpful.

  3. I’d like to second Aira’s comment – these employee-focused posts are really helpful. I’ve seen ‘feedback’ forms with questions like “Why didn’t you achieve this months’ quota?” followed by “What are you willing to commit to achieve next month’s goal?” – the questions aren’t asking for feedback. The questions above are a breath of fresh air. Thanks very much for this Annie, I’ll share this!

  4. All great questions that have helped me over years of sales to improve and maintain team dev!

  5. Great questions, always believed internal care essential for external customer care, questions that if asked and more importantly followed up on would give businesses the tools to improve. Thanks

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