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How to Get Customers Hooked on Your Products

get customers hooked

If you can get people to use your product, you’ve taken a step in the right direction. But wouldn’t you rather get people to use your product over and over again? In fact, certain types of products like mobile apps and social networks rely on habitual users.

Habitual users are different than returning customers. A returning customer might just patronize your business once in awhile. But a habitual user actually works your product or service into their routine. For instance, if you offer a photo-editing app, you don’t just want customers to download your app and use it once or twice. You want them to use it every time they edit photos.

To convince users to make a habit out of using your product or service, you have to build its value over time. Entrepreneur and author Nir Eyal gave a speech on this topic at AlleyNYC [1] this year, captured in this Entrepreneur video.

During the speech, he explained a few different ways that companies might help their customers build value over time. In general, he said that customers have to get invested in the company and any future rewards that it might lead to. In many cases, this means offering customers the opportunity to customize your product to their needs. He explained:

“The more content I put into iTunes, the better iTunes becomes as my one and only music library. The more data I give to Mint.com, a personal finance software, or Pinterest for example — the more data I put into those services, the more I can do with them. They’re tailored to my needs based on the data I give these companies.”

So in those instances, it can take a lot of time for users to really build value into your product or services. But if you make your product easy to use and give them the opportunity to build their own value, you might just be able to get your customers to do the work.

Customers [2] Photo via Shutterstock