Leadership Trends and Other Tips for the Business Rock Star

Leadership Trends and Other Tips for the Business Rock Star

Business trends are constantly changing. And at the beginning of each year, it’s common for business owners to evaluate those trends and look forward at the year ahead. Members of our small business community have evaluated the latest marketing, leadership and other trends for 2015. They’ve also come up with some tips of their own. For a full list of tips and other posts, read on for our weekly Small Business Trends community and information roundup.

Follow These Leadership Trends

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Leadership isn’t an aspect of business that changes as often as things like marketing. But there are still leadership trends that might impact the way people manage their teams. This post by Devin Lemoine includes some leadership trends for people to consider in 2015.

Keep Up with Mobile Marketing Trends

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Mobile marketing has become an important technique over the last few years. And 2015 is likely to see more of the same. This post by Aaron Strout includes some mobile marketing trends that businesses can expect to see within the coming year.

Rock Your Blog for Business

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So many businesses have blogs now. But it’s no longer enough to just have one. You need to find a way to make it stand out in order to get actual results. This post by Dan Swords includes some tips for improving your business blog over the coming year. And BizSugar members discuss blogging further in the community too.

Get Inspired by These New Year’s Resolutions

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Do you have a New Year’s resolution for your business? Though it’s important to have goals all throughout the year, January can be the perfect time to really evaluate what you want to change. So if you’re looking for some inspiration, Hiral Rana rounded up some business New Year’s resolutions from industry experts, including Anita Campbell, founder and CEO at Small Business Trends.

Focus on Goals and Habits

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While resolutions might be effective for some business owners, people rarely keep them throughout the entire year. So to ensure actual results, Jeremy Miller suggests in this post that business owners instead focus on setting tangible goals and creating positive habits.

Follow These Business Leaders on Social Media

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Social media can be a great source for tips and inspiration. And this post by TheWire includes a list of 10 business leaders that you can follow on social media. Small Business Trends CEO Anita Campbell is again honored to be included (though it should be noted that her correct Twitter handle is @smallbiztrends).

Improve Your SEO

(Local SEO Guide)

For local businesses, SEO can be an important strategy. But as it’s still a relatively new field, the trends and common practices are still evolving, and it’s important for businesses to keep up. So Andrew Shotland shared a list of SEO predictions for local businesses in this post.

Take Advice from World Class Writers

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To improve your writing, you need to seek help and inspiration from others. So who better to get advice from than world-class writers? This post by Jimmy Rodela includes writing tips from great business writers. BizSugar members also share their thoughts on the post.

Build an Online Advantage


Nearly all businesses today have some kind of online presence. So you need to build an online advantage in order to even get noticed by potential customers. Here, Pierre DuBois shares how small businesses can build their own online advantage.

Choose a Brand Name That Can Be Trademarked


Starting a new business is a very involved process. Choosing a name can be one of the most difficult steps. And there are many different things to consider, like whether or not the name can be trademarked. In this post, Steven Cook shares some tips for choosing the right business name and protecting it. The BizSugar community also discusses the post in detail.

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