Local Search Association Launches LSA Insights, a Powerful New Tool Analyzing Media Performance by Vertical, Location and More

TROY, Mich., Jan. 26, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — The Local Search Association (LSA) announces the launch of LSA Insights (www.LSAInsights.com), a powerful new media performance and planning tool.  Unique in its ability to deliver local campaign and marketing data, LSA Insights is the result of 2 years of development and research with publishers, agencies and in-house marketers.

The database contains over 350,000 ad campaigns covering thousands of business categories including 150,000 mobile campaigns and will continue to grow as new data are added. LSA Insights leverages millions of actual campaign, geography and category level media performance data points gathered from across the industry to produce more robust analysis, reporting and actionable insights.

“LSA insights is the first third-party tool that provides broad campaign benchmarking capabilities across media types,” said Monica Ho, SVP of Marketing at xAd. “It also offers the unique ability to drill down by industry vertical and market to assess ad performance.”

LSA Insights runs customized reports by media type, location, business category, ad type, time frame and many other fields permitting granular and detailed campaign analysis.  It supports publishers, agencies and brand marketers through a wide range of use cases, including better market intelligence, campaign benchmarking, more efficient budgeting and media planning and development of more effective sales tools and collateral.

It’s indispensable for those currently using or seeking to utilize location-based marketing and media.

“With LSA Insights, we’re taking over 20 years of experience measuring media performance and applying it to a variety of local media types,” said Neg Norton, president at LSA. “We see a real need for a tool like this that helps marketers better understand local media performance at the category, geography and campaign level.”

The following are examples of how different entities can use LSA Insights:

Local Media Publishers: With more than 350,000 campaigns covering hundreds of business categories, LSA Insights gives Publishers access to trends, benchmarks and KPIs across multiple media types, allowing them to optimize the performance of ads on owned properties and sell more. Budget optimization will also improve retention rates.

Agencies: Understanding the relative strengths and actual performance of various channels is critical to the success of any media plan. From finding the best keywords for a paid-search campaign, to identifying the benefits of a mobile campaign for a specific vertical, LSA Insights provides better data and intelligence to help agencies and sales professionals serve their clients more effectively and efficiently.

In-House Brand Marketers: In a fragmented marketplace, finding the right marketing mix is a challenge that LSA Insights can help Brands address.  Refine millions of data points by business category, date, ad type, geography and even pricing model (CPCall, CPClick, Impressions, etc.) to discover the appropriate marketing mix.

A sample of the data is illustrated in the below chart from LSA Insights.  It shows there is a nearly 7 times variance in effectiveness of driving secondary actions (calls, directions and requests for more information) between verticals when using geo-targeted mobile display ads.  While broad data reports tout the effectiveness of geo-targeting, LSA Insights reveals that geo-targeted mobile ads are particularly effective at driving secondary actions for Healthcare, Home & Trade and Professional services.  LSA Insights contains mobile performance results for approximately 150 business categories.

Geo-Targeted Mobile Display Performance (Secondary Action Rates)
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