Mix360 Headset Promises Hi-Fi Experience From Your Smartphone

mix360 headset

A new headset aims to make you a better listener … with a clearer voice, too. Tech startup ONvocal used the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas to debut the Mix360 Noise Cancelling Headphones.

But calling this device a headset really is a mistake. Apart from a pair of ear buds, one of which has a small, rigid microphone stick, just a wire from each is looped through a bracket attached to a unique neckband.

The idea behind the Mix360 is to provide a Hi-Fi audio experience through your smartphone or other connected device.

ONvocal makes no bones about the premium quality on the Mix360 or about its premium price. It’s currently available for pre-order until the end of January for $299. After that, it will sell for $349. Mix360 should be available by May.

mix360 headset

In promising to improve how you hear what’s coming from your smartphone and how people hear you, ONvocal says it spared no expense and built the Mix360 headset with a limitless budget.

On the official ONvocal blog, Katie Hawkes, head of brand and communications development explains:

“From conference calls to commuting, the gym to the bike to karaoke to air guitar, the Mix360 that emerged was a device that improved each person’s life in a slightly different way.”

According to its product descriptions, the unique and definitely different neckband on the Mix360 is used to control media, through Play/Pause and volume control buttons, and a stereo jack on one side. The other side of the neckband has a power button, several function buttons, and a USB port.

The neckband has two “flex zones” which are made of brass and covered in a comfort-inspired material. These are designed to be manipulated so they mold to your neck’s contours to stay in place.

Once you get past the idea of a neckband, ONvocal hopes you’ll focus on the audio experience.

By using some high-end technology and a connected mobile app, Mix360 allows users to actually mix what they hear through their earbuds.

So instead of the streaming music on your smartphone going silent when you get a call or notification, the mixer app allows you to select the levels at which you hear or are heard.

If you need to turn up the mic to place or receive a call, the app allows you to adjust the volume of the call and your media accordingly.

That goes for the “ambient” or background noise, too. Street noises can be filtered in or out, based on your circumstance. Mix360 uses top audio drivers to deliver a Hi-Fi sound into the pair of earbuds.

The Mix360 headset connects to your smartphone using a Bluetooth connection. And in doing so, it’s also stocked with Bluetooth firmware that works with a smartphone’s voice command features.

The device promises to deliver your voice clearly to your audience on the other line. According to a product description, Mix360 uses Beam-Forming Microphone Array (BFMA or “Buff Ma”), and a mini-boom mic stick. These mics are designed to focus on only your voice and not any background noise.

Image: ONvocal

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  1. So sleek. I wouldn’t have thought that it has a microphone if not for the description. That would come in handy in calls as well.