Should Startups Offer Free WiFi to Customers?

free wifi to customers

A person enters your office building and looks to connect his smartphone to the Internet. In one instance, he is unable to surf the Net due to connectivity problems. In another, he can immediately connect with the Net by using the guest WiFi offered by your business.

Which will be the happier customer in this case?

The answer is obvious. The one who could connect to the Net through the guest WiFi offered by your business will be the happier person. And it will surely reflect in your business results as well.

For businesses, especially the already established ones, there are many benefits of offering free WiFi.

But should the start-ups offer free WiFi to their customers?

There are many things to ponder before deciding the answer to this question.

Won’t Cost Much

Internet is the basic necessity for any business these days. Even if yours is a startup, you will surely need the Net for proper functioning of your business. So, all you need to do to offer free WiFi to your customers is share the WiFi with your customers. And that is not as expensive or difficult as it might sound. All you need to do is extend the Internet connection, which you already have, into a WiFi hotspot. And if you have a satellite Internet service, which offers excellent performance without going down, you can always share it without any second thought. That can be a low-cost affair and is sure to earn high dividends for your business.

Easy Way to Collect Customer Information and Feedback

As a startup, you need to do a good bit of research about your customers. It will not be possible for you to deliver according to your customer’s requirements, if you are not aware of them. And this will mean that you won’t be able to place your products according to the likings of the customers. The result: your business will not be performing as well as it should.

By offering free WiFi to your customers, you can solve this problem. When they try to connect to the free WiFi, ask them to fill out a form. They should provide their feedback about your business and also answer a few questions. You can ask them questions, which will help you determine their likes and dislikes for the products and services that you offer. Once you get their view, you can plan your products and services accordingly and get the best results.

Can be a Great Marketing Ploy

Do you have anything special to offer to your customers? Are you going to offer a discount soon? Or something else in the short term? You need to let customers know about these offers. But as a startup, you might not have enough funds to run large advertisement campaigns to spread the word about it. So, what can you do?

Using the free Wi-Fi that you are offering in your store or office can be a great option. Whenever a customer logs in to the Net using the free Wi-Fi in your store, you can make him or her receive short advertisements about your business offerings. This can come in handy as it will ensure that all of the customers who have visited your store and have logged in to the Net using the WiFi connection there, are aware of the offers.

Can Help to Spread the Word about Your Startup

One of the major benefits that you can get by offering free WiFi in your office or store is that it will help to spread the word about your business. And it’s extremely necessary for any startup. Those who are entering your shop or office might not be buying anything immediately. But if they come in and spend time using the free WiFi, you can expect them to return and also tell their friends and acquaintances about it.

Remember, people love the word ‘free’, no matter what it applies to. So, more and more people can be expected to visit your store if you offer free WiFi. This will surely act as a major marketing ploy for your business.

Offering free WiFi can be a great thing for any startup. It is surely one of the best ways to move a step ahead in competition. Besides, this free WiFi can also come in handy to maintain a lot of operations, such as surveillance and other functions, in the store. So, it’s always good for the startups to offer free WiFi to their customers to leverage the benefits from the action.

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  1. Yes. Wifi can draw people in. It allows them to stay at your place and even encourage them to sample your other products. It’s easy to install so business must have it.

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