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  1. But it is still something that interferes the natural flow of the body right? Sure, it can work but then there is a question on whether it is really needed.

    • Most nootropics, including OptiMind, are just nutritional supplements, so they wouldn’t throw off the flow of your body any more than eating food does.

  2. I am using a product called, Brain Formula, for keeping an active mind. I would like to compare and contrast the product I use with OptiMind. I tried to check out the link to the product page, but it seems that is only available in the United States. Could you get hold of the product in Europa?

    Do you see any side-effects, using nootropics?

    As a tea enthusiast, it was interesting to see that the founder of Celestial Seasonings Tea Company is in favor of consuming these kinds of smart drugs.

    It looks like have to watch the movie, Limitless! 😉

  3. After reading a review of it at http://newnootropics.net I started using Alpha Brain and it is really effective. I for lack of any better way of describing it, feel like I have more storage space in my brain, and I can focus more intensely and for a longer period of time.

  4. I decided to try Addium around a month ago when I saw the reviews on http://addium.co and Amazon. When I was initially taking it, I was worried because of the flush caused by Niacin. I wasn’t used to my body heating up and feeling itchy for the first 30 minutes.

    The thing is, and I am deadly sure it wasn’t a placebo effect, but I did feel better. I felt as though I had an extra jolt in my step. I made sure to keep my diet and daily schedule exactly the same so there wouldn’t be too many variables, but ever since I’ve been taking it, I get through my days better than I was before.

  5. There is still no evidence that any nootropics do much to boost your existing mental abilities. Caffeine wakes us up, we feel more alert, but it does not actually improve our performance above that. Unless there is some real evidence that these drugs do work, at least to some degree, it seems pointless trying them.