Simple Loose Leaf Creates Subscription Service for Tea

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Tea bags have become the norm in today’s households and supermarkets, but loose leaf has been steadily gaining popularity in recent years with small tea shops, boutiques, and big players like Teavana and David’s Tea getting into the game. Simple Loose Leaf offers an alternative to these tea shops.

Simple Loose Leaf allows customers to have loose leaf tea delivered to their doorstep each month.

Subscription packages like this have been gaining popularity with other items too. Sites like Conscious Box and Lootcrate deliver everything from health food to video game swag right to you.

But co-founder Andrew Flocks tells the Business Opportunities Weblog:

There is no other tea subscription service that offers the ability to customize a tea subscription. The other element that makes Simple Loose Leaf different, and perhaps special, is that we do not offer traditional retail services. We sell subscriptions. All non-subscription services, i.e. our Samples, are designed to drive customers to our subscriptions. We do not offer our teas for sales outside of the subscriptions and the samples. We are a subscription service above all else.

The site is owned by Andrew brother Nicholas, and sister, Sarah. The business began in a brainstorming session two years back as the brothers tried to think of a website they could create together. Tea kept popping up, but with so many big names in the game already it was hard to imagine they would be able to bring much to the table. Until finally, they thought of doing a subscription service in 2013. And so Simple Loose Leaf was born.

Customers have the ability to choose from a nearly endless combination of teas. Each box comes packed with 4-6 teas, with enough to make quite a few cups. Choices include black, white, oolong, pu’ehr, herbal and more. Customers can even create their own personal tea care package. One, three, and six month subscriptions are available. And Flocks says one customer has even purchased two consecutive six month subscriptions. That’s a year’s worth of customized tea care packages.

As Flocks points out, the customization is what sets the site and the business apart. It offers customers the ability to build their own monthly tea box. This gives them the freedom to adjust it to their taste instead of receiving a random or predetermined assortment. As the company website says, Simple Loose Leaf:

“…is not just another simple tea club that uses its members to get rid of spare inventory that is about to expire.”

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  1. There has been a drastic increase in tea drinkers all over the world. It might be because tea has been promoted by Korean artists or it may be because there is now a fusion of flavor from the East and the West. This makes it a viable option for business.

  2. Great niche idea. I don’t know how big it will get, but if you can dominate even a niche market it can be wildly successful for the SMB.

  3. Its a good to hear more about tea. I love enjoying and testing tea much. lose leaf tea are the best. Also to is very helpfull those days since so many virus flu are spreading. I know tea is also best for cold

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