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small business workbench

It’s always good to know how much cash you have on hand.

It’d be even better to know how much cash you can expect to have at the end of the week or even at the end of the month or beyond.

The Small Business Workbench financial projection bundle and its collection of apps, released last year from Small Business Payments Company, can do all these things. And it is now available in a version that works seemlessly with Intuit Quickbooks through the Intuit Quickbooks App Center.

The tool is supposed to be especially helpful managing paydays, or deciding when it’s safe to make a big company purchase. It can even tell when your company can expect an influx of cash.

Here’s a video with a brief intro:

And now the Small Business Workbench works in concert with QuickBooks Online, the company says. So, if you use QuickBooks for your business’ accounting, there will be no need to make duplicate entries just to track your cash. All your invoices, outgoing payments, and receivables will be integrated.

Dave Kurrasch, Small Business Payments Company’s vice president and general manager, says in a press release:

“We are thrilled to offer the Small Business Workbench through the Intuit QuickBooks App Center.”

Right now, the app is available on a 15-day trial period. After that, the basic SBWorkbench app starts at $8 per month. That includes the Cash Forecast tool.

A Pro version of the SB Workbench tool is also available at $24 per month. This version includes an e-Invoice tool as well as an Inventory app that tracks your products, whether they’re sold or still on your shelves.

Ronny Tey, the Group Marketing Manager for, says in the release:

“This is another great example of a seamless QuickBooks Online integration that saves small businesses time so that they can focus on growing the business.”

When you log in to their SB Workbench account, you’re directed immediately to your dashboard.

The dashboard provides a quick glance at your company’s Cash Forecast. It also gives a one-click access to the other apps within SBWorkbench, namely the e-Invoice and Inventory apps.

The Cash Forecast can be configured to show any range of time periods, like the upcoming week, the upcoming month, or any period of time, infinitely into the future.

The tool shows how much cash there is on hand at the start of each day. This includes any payments going out and any payments expected to be received that day. There is another row on the dashboard to show the amount of cash on hand at the end of each day, too.

The information is presented not only numerically but also in a graph to help identify any trends, like a spike in cash or an expected dip in funds available.

SBWorkbench also offers the e-Invoice tool on the Pro version. This allows businesses to bill their customers through the app. It also lets customers make payments directly from that invoice. When a customer does make a payment via e-Invoice, the Workbench app takes a $1 per transaction fee.

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  1. Really nice tool. I love how it also predicts aside from just mere tracking.