Startup Helps Survivors Overcome Hardships with Crafts

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Consumers love buying goods that come with a story. It makes a simple purchase into an actual experience instead of just a product. And it can be even better if the story comes with some kind of social cause.

TO THE MARKET is a social enterprise that aims to empower those who have survived things like abuse, conflict and disease. The company provides multiple distribution channels for survivors to sell their handmade goods. But it also provides an online platform for them to share their stories with the hope of raising awareness about important issues.

Founder Jane Mosbacher Morris first came up with the idea for TO THE MARKET (TTM) after a trip to Calcutta for her job with the McCain Institute. There, she witnessed female survivors of human trafficking who used their handcraft skills to make a living. She loved seeing them find empowerment through their craft. And she wanted to provide a platform for others to do the same.

So now, TO THE MARKET provides a few different outlets for survivors to market and sell their goods, both online and in local pop-up shops. When consumers buy products from TO THE MARKET, they come with tags that tell each survivor’s story. And the product descriptions on TTM’s website also include a bit about the origin of each product.

Customers can purchase goods that come from more than 15 different countries. And the platform supports survivors of horrors ranging from abuse and poverty to disease and exploitation.

But the company isn’t looking for charity. Instead, it wants to sell quality products that people actually want to buy. Currently, the site sells apparel, accessories, home goods and more. Prices range from just $8 to nearly $300.

Morris told Fox Business:

“We feel the background for these products is really special, but we don’t want to lead with that, we want to close with that. We want people to purchase products for their desire for the product, rather than making a pity purchase.”



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  1. Sounds like a great platform with a great cause. I wish them the best of luck.

  2. I agree about the story part. This is the reason why a lot of bloggers are able to make a lot of money with simple goods. It is because people buy stuff with a story. They would buy anything ordinary as long as it comes from a person with an interesting story.