Top 5 WordPress Tools for Email List Management

email list management

As technology continues to evolve, email marketing remains one of the most powerful and effective strategies for any type of business. But in order to use email marketing, you need a strong, engaged mailing list.

Fortunately, there are plenty of email list management tools you can use with WordPress to build and manage a great email list.

Email List Management Tools


Good email marketing software is the foundation of your email list. And for those who use WordPress to power their business website, MailChimp is one of the best available. Particularly for a cost-conscious small business, since it’s free.

MailChimp provides a wide range of professional quality email templates with customizable fields and features, so you can create campaigns that match your company’s branding. There are easy sharing tools for social media, and the platform integrates seamlessly with WordPress, as well as other popular services. In addition, MailChimp offers full-featured tracking and analytics for smart campaign management.

The free version covers up to 2,000 subscribers and 12,000 emails per month. Paid versions start at $10 a month for more subscribers and additional features like autoresponders. Or you can pay as you go with rates starting at 3 cents per email, and decreasing as email volume increases.


Another highly WordPress-compatible email marketing platform, SendinBlue is ideal for small businesses that run both email and mobile campaigns. This all-in-one platform helps you manage email marketing, transactional emails, text messaging and more. It includes detailed, real-time analytics as well as tools for campaign creation, contact management, and trigger marketing.

Integrating this platform with WordPress is as simple as installing the WordPress plugin. SendinBlue is free for up to 9,000 emails per month, with paid plans starting at $7.37 per month.


An advanced email list builder with some interesting and unique features, HybridConnect is a flexible, easy-to-use WordPress plugin that captures email addresses in several ways, and also uses automated tools to improve conversions. This plugin allows you to design fully customized opt-in forms and display them in your sidebar and/or footer, as pop-up lightboxes, squeeze pages, and more.

HybridConnect also uses automated A/B split testing to live-test different headlines, colors, images and calls to action. Then it automatically displays the most effective versions to increase conversions. There’s also a unique feature that lets your site visitors opt in with a single click when they leave a comment. This WordPress plugin is available for a one-time cost of $49.


A robust and full-featured WordPress plugin for MailChimp users, Chimpy provides a number of advanced features and functionalities, yet is very easy to use. With this plugin, you can create multiple, customized signup forms and place them on different areas of your website, with various appearances (side bar, footer, pop-up). You can customize even further by placing different forms on different pages, and varying the type and appearance of each form.

Chimpy also includes features like content locking (requires a mailing list signup to view premium content), opt-in checkboxes (one-click signups), and synchronization across all WordPress users. The plugin is available for a one-time cost of $21.


Simple, unique and free for use, ManyContacts is a free drop-down email collection bar that runs across the top of your website. The drop-down animation grabs attention, and the bar can be fully customized by color, form field and text — giving you the ability to add a subscribe offer.

ManyContacts also includes enriched data collection that can be accessed through a Contacts Manager dashboard, showing your subscribers’ location, IP, social profiles and more.


A popular lead generation plugin among bloggers, OptinMonster claims that every customer using this tool has increased their subscriber growth, with some seeing increases of 600 percent or more. This easy-to-use plugin lets you create professional opt-in forms of several types, including pop-ups and lightboxes, comment checkboxes, footer and sidebar widgets, slide-ins, animated pop-ups and mobile-only pop-ups.

A range of targeting options for contact forms lets you trigger pop-ups for visitors according to specific categories, pages, or user behavior. OptinMonster also uses A/B split testing to help you determine the most effective opt-in forms. Pricing for this plugin starts at $49 for the basic level.

What tools are you using for email list management?

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  1. Having an e-mail list is essential for any business nowadays. Business owners need the power to capture leads and study them so that they can successfully convert them into sales.

  2. Hi Megan
    Email list is essential for regular traffic without depending on SEO, i am using mail chimp to build my email list, i never heard of many contacts, i have to test it, i heard a lot about Optin monster but it is too pricey to install, once i start earning money from my blog i will try to install it, thank you for sharing this information.

    • Same thoughts about Optin Monster it’s pricey! In general, those exit intent pop-up solutions are crazy expensive (the popular ones at least).

      I’ve been using mailchimp since the beginning and am not planning to switch any time soon. They’re a good solution for small businesses and blogs and have amazing UX and support. Don’t you just love it when you get a high five from them after sending your campaign?

      I didn’t know about the Chimpy plugin. I’ve been using Mailchimp for WP (premium version) and am really happy with it. The important part for me was to be able to customize the CSS of the forms.

  3. I tried using mail chimp and followed all the instructions to he letter for both WordPress and Facebook..NO POP UPS!!! nothing happens

  4. I have used both JetPack and MailChimp..They are so far the Best

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