Amazon Takes on Google and Microsoft with Amazon WorkMail

Amazon WorkMail

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Amazon Web Services is hoping to have more of a presence around your office in the near future.

In fact, the latest business-aimed product from Amazon could help run most of your office and keep your communications and data encrypted and secure.

The company just introduced Amazon WorkMail. A secured email solution, it acts similar to products like Microsoft’s Outlook and Google’s Gmail and Calendar apps.

WorkMail is not only an email client. It also offers a calendar solution. On the official Amazon Web Services blog, Chief Evangelist Jeff Barr also writes:

“WorkMail was designed to work with your existing PC and Mac-based Outlook clients including the prepackaged Click-to-Run versions. It also works with mobile clients that speak the Exchange ActiveSync protocol.”

Amazon WorkMail is designed for businesses and organizations of all sizes, the company says.

At first, Amazon is offering a 30-day trial version of the cloud service. After that, it costs $4 per month per user.

Forbes is reporting that when Amazon WorkMail is combined with Zocalo (now being called WorkDocs), it’s $6 per user monthly.

And since WorkMail is an Amazon Web Services product, it is designed to sync with other offerings from the cloud-based business solution. That includes Amazon WorkDocs and Amazon’s cloud storage.

Files stored in WorkDocs can be shared within Amazon WorkMail workflows, according to Forbes’ Ben Kepes.

Setting up the email management solution through Amazon Web Services is relatively simple, the company says.

WorkMail can also be configured through a company’s existing domain name. Barr explains how to set that up through WorkMail:

“You can send and receive email through your existing domain name by adding a TXT record (for verification of ownership) and an MX record (to route the mail to WorkMail to your existing DNS configuration).”

Directories can be created from scratch or they can be imported from existing email clients, like Outlook.

Each user account is given 50GB of storage and a single message can contain up to 25MB of data.

Using the calendar function, multiple calendars can be set up within an organization. And specific users can be given individual permissions within WorkMail.

Amazon WorkMail also includes a task list manager and calendar sharing function. Apart from the desktop-based app, there is also a web-based user interface to access WorkMail.

Editor’s note: updated to reflect proper message size.

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  1. Right. I was instantly reminded of Outlook when I saw the calendar. I was surprised that it was made by Amazon.

  2. Great news! I didn’t know that this is because of Amazon

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