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There’s a great business leadership seminar coming up but the thought of losing one or two of your team members for a day or two just doesn’t seem feasible.

Not sending out yourself or your team members to gain valuable new leadership skill could stagnate your business.

Well, now businesses that are set on expanding their knowledge base and leadership skills set have an online tool to consider.

Be.Lead.Do. is touted as a mobile-ready leadership resource. Everyone who’s enabled to use Be.Lead.Do. are supposed to complete about two dozen tasks aimed at improving their leadership skills.

According to the Be.Lead.Do website, the program is split into four different paths:

  • Lead Me
  • Lead Teams
  • Lead Strategy
  • Lead Results

Each has a unique set of goals. For instance, the Lead Me path deals wholly with building on a person’s skills and identifying weaknesses.

In Lead Teams, managers will develop better hiring and coaching strategies. The Lead Strategy path discusses better decision making and communications within the team.

And the Lead Results path helps managers learn how to celebrate successes.

The training paths are broken into 20-minute interactive programs. At this length, it is thought, even the busiest managers can break away from their schedules for guidance.

The modules can be followed on a desktop, laptop, or any mobile device. And they’re fully interactive, too.

Be.Lead.Do was founded by Lior Arussy. The company’s website says Arussy has trained 375,000 employees around the world.

And he’s bringing this expertise to Be.Lead.Do to impart leadership and management wisdom to small business owners.

There is a free trial available to those new to the website. After that, the service is available in paid subscriptions.

The larger your team, the more of a break you’ll get on pricing. A one-person business would likely get a single user license.

Individual, single-license users are charged either $150 for 6 months or $250 a year.

For larger teams, those requiring five or more user licenses, the cost of Be.Lead.Do is $120 for six months and $200 for a year.

Subscriptions with Be.Lead.Do get users unlimited access to the leadership program. That includes being able to download any templates and self-assessment tests.

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  1. Training will always be valuable. This is the reason why many businesses invest in this area. Not doing this can be fatal to a business as the staff loses the chance to grow.