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Facebook is Adding New For Sale Group Features

facebook for sell group

This week, Facebook announced adding improved features for For Sale Group members. The features are designed to make listing and selling items on Facebook groups easier and more efficient.

The new Sell feature can be selected by For Sale Group members when they create a post. This new feature will allow members to create a description for the item they are selling, the price, and a pickup/delivery location. After a post is made, sellers can mark the post as Available or Sold. Sellers will also be able to view a catalog of previously sold items.

Adding descriptions, prices, and locations was something many sellers were already doing. But this new feature simplifies the process. It also helps cut down on confusion. Group admins may have an easier time getting members to add the appropriate information when creating posts. The new feature will also prevent older posts from getting bumped up to the top of a feed due to buyers requesting more information.

Announcing the new feature on the official Facebook Newsroom blog, the company explained [1]:

We will continue to introduce new features in the coming months to help people in the For Sale Group community easily connect, browse and search.

The new features announced this week won’t be available to all For Sale Groups right away. According to Facebook, full availability will be rolling out in the coming months. If you are a group admin and are interested in participating now, you can nominate your group here.

Image via Facebook