Kaybus Introduces Knowledge Automation, a Category Defining Software Solution For Enterprises

SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 12, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Today Kaybus introduces its Knowledge Automation solution, a new category of enterprise software that enables companies to, for the first time, leverage all of their available content, which is often scattered across multiple repositories and in diverse formats. Kaybus is the first company to automatically transform this content into usable and useful knowledge, so enterprises can leverage the latest information for business functions. As part of the launch, the company is also announcing an enhanced version of its Knowledge Automation solution.

With faster business cycles, enterprises are creating and modifying content at a rapid pace, in diverse formats and across an increasing number of repositories. Applying this content in a usable and useful way for business function such as sales and service is a manual, slow and ineffective process. Knowledge workers are typically able to access about only one-third of content available, which is often several months old, resulting in a knowledge gap. Kaybus eliminates this gap by automating how content is collected, shaped, made available, and delivered to each enterprise user. The technology makes turning content into knowledge up to 50 times faster.

“With terabytes of data being added to and generated by companies, it’s no longer feasible to manually categorize and match information to each employee,” said Dave Schubmehl, research director at IDC. “Kaybus understands this, and is blending a unique mix of smart technologies to automatically handle matching information to the right employee. I am impressed with how many business scenarios Kaybus would easily fit into without disrupting how companies already work, and how simple the user interface is. It’s a technology whose time has come in the enterprise.”

Kaybus has already achieved significant customer traction with its Knowledge Automation solution with use cases specific to sales, marketing and customer service departments. The company has signed on customers including Prysm, Teldat and Plus One, some of whom have been achieving success on the platform for more than a year. All Kaybus customers are using the platform for mission-critical applications where real time knowledge changes business outcomes.

“We faced an uphill battle in marketing to make sure our sales team was using our latest collateral and videos to best represent our products,” said Rob Commins, VP of marketing at Tegile, an enterprise information storage technology provider. “Not only does Kaybus curate all of the right content, it’s super simple and easy to use for our employees. I have had many members of our team come by my desk or send me emails telling me how excited they are to have this tool available to them.”

The New Kaybus Knowledge Automation Solution – Intelligent, Mobile and More Comprehensive

In its latest release, Kaybus’ enhanced Knowledge Automation solution adds key features, which makes it the only comprehensive knowledge automation solution on the market.

  • Interactive Dashboard and Knowledge Campaigns: Until now, content publishers have been unable to truly understand the impact of their content. Kaybus’ interactive dashboards allow publishers to understand which employees are accessing what, and provide feedback, to improve content and increase its effectiveness. Kaybus also suggests what content to publish based on identified gaps.
  • Mobile Access: Employees are increasingly working from their mobile devices. Kaybus’ expanded Knowledge Automation solution is now available via native iOS and Android apps, on both smart phones and tablets, to make sure all employees can use the software on the device of their choice
  • Integrated Discoverable Video: Tutorials, instructional guides, recorded meetings and other video content are critical components of content libraries. Kaybus has added discoverable video, allowing organizations to actually search within video content which has automatically been transcribed, if a user needs to search within a video for a specific topic, he or she can type in a keyword and cue directly to sentence in the video where the keyword was spoken.  This technology allows users to access video content in the same way they access documents to get real-time answers.

“Trying to wrangle and utilize sprawling content for business functions is like running to catch a train that’s already left the station,” said Seenu Banda, CEO of Kaybus. “Knowledge Automation is the only solution that allows companies to transform their raw content into usable and useful knowledge. It’s a must for any company trying to keep up with the rapid pace that information is created today.”

About Kaybus
Kaybus provides an enterprise-grade SaaS knowledge system that efficiently manages the discovery, curation and delivery of your company’s internal information. It intelligently understands what your employees need, and actively provides that information to them to make them the most effective. Sales gets the information they need to attract more prospects and close more deals, marketing gets real-time feedback on messaging, content and the effectiveness of product launches, and customer service can identify critical customer issues and ensure everyone is prepared to give a winning answer in immediately.

Kaybus has received $11 million in funding, led by Artiman Ventures, and has 65 employees.

Web: www.kaybus.com |Twitter: @kaybus_inc

Media Contact: Jessica Elkus, 415-299-6217, jessica@inkhouse.com

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