This Lockitron Deadbolt can be Opened with Your Phone

Lockitron Bolt

The time may be coming when losing a set of keys will be considered old-fashioned.

Losing a smartphone, on the other hand? That’s another concern altogether.

Assuming you can hang on to your phones better than your keys, however, products like a new one from Lockitron will be welcomed with open arms.

Lockitron Bolt is the latest locking device activated from a connected smartphone.

It’s not the first of these devices, of course.

Sony’s crowdfunded Qrio or Smart Lock fits over existing door hardware but it’s also operated from a smartphone.

Along with that device, Digipas also recently launched a smart luggage lock device. That, too, can be locked and unlocked using a smartphone app.

The Lockitronic deadbolt device is designed as a replacement door lock. It uses a Bluetooth Low Energy field to communicate with an enabled smartphone.

A simple swipe within the Lockitron mobile app can unlock a door with Bolt installed. And that pass can be shared with friends or family, too.

An example of an effective use of Lockitron Bolt is in a hotel environment. Rather than dealing with room keys or room cards and scanners, hotel owners can connect a lock with a guest’s smartphone.

Lockitron Bolt can also be connect to a nearby WiFi connection. This is done through an optional Bridge accessory. The feature enables owners of the device to lock and unlock doors even when they’re nowhere nearby.

Lockitron Bolt is currently available for pre-order for $99. A preview edition of Bolt will be available in March, but only about a thousand units will ship to customers.

Presumably, Lockitron is waiting to see if any kinks arise after they ship before issuing a final version that’s ready for mass production.

That sort of preparedness was not front of mind when Lockitron first introduced a product back in 2012, hoping to get crowfunded backing for it.

The company did but ran into problems.

After fulfilling 10,000 orders of the original Lockitron, the company says it hit a snag. It went back to the proverbial drawing board and emerged with Bolt. The official Lockitron Blog explains:

“We understand that the wait for Lockitron has been unreasonably long for most of our backers. While not an easy decision to make, our transition to Lockitron Bolt is crucial to getting you the best product as quickly as possible.”

Image: Lockitron

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  1. Great article Joshua. Today’s technology never ceases to amaze me. What are we going to have in the future?