How Republic Bike Keeps Companies Rolling in Style

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The bicycle industry is enjoying somewhat of a boom in recent years.

Individuals in cities around the world are enjoying the practical, health, and environmental benefits of biking. Choosing this form of transportation can also benefit businesses. And that’s the market Republic Bike is after with its Bikes for Biz program.

The program’s aim is to design bikes that specifically fit with each company’s needs and design aesthetic. The company offers everything from cargo bikes for delivery purposes to minimal, contemporary silhouettes.

Businesses can even work with Republic Bike to design a custom fleet, complete with their logos, color choices, and other personalized features.

republic bikes google bikes

Some businesses that might benefit from the program include hotels, residential complexes, and campus-based offices.

For example, Republic Bike developed a fleet of custom Google bikes for employees at the Googleplex in California.

republic bikes google bikes

But for hotels and other hospitality-based businesses, having some branded bikes available for visitors can be a unique perk. Hotels and tour groups can even use the bikes for group rides to local attractions. In a release giving an overview of the Bikes for Biz program, the company explains (PDF):

“There are few finer experiences than exploring a new place on two wheels. Republic Bike develops unique, stylish fleets for hotels, tiny to large, so that they can offer our bikes as a branded amenity for their guests — either as a practical bike share, rental program or just as a courtesy.”

The branded bicycles can even serve as a fleet of rolling billboards, transporting your name and logo around the area where you do business.

So, aside from offering the bikes as an amenity for guests or employees, you can also get some free promotion out of the deal.

It’s important to remember that bicycles are a lot less expensive and more environmentally friendly than most other forms of transportation. If your business hasn’t yet considered utilizing bike transportation, it could be the perfect time to reap the practical, promotional and environmental benefits.

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  1. I have to agree that the bicycle gains customers over the years. It is because it is more budget and environment friendly. It’s nice to hear that companies are also adopting them instead of the usual cars and motorcycles.

    • It is a great alternative mode of transportation. And it also seems like a great perk for hospitality businesses to offer to their guests, especially when offering cars or other options would be far more expensive.