Google “Trash Can” Saves Your Deleted Analytics Data for 35 Days

Google Trash Can

Until recently in the Google Analytics tool, deleting anything was akin to kissing it goodbye forever. Delete meant delete and that was that. There was no “undo” features to speak of that could reverse that mistake.

After getting a lot of feedback from Google Analytics users, the company decided it needed to introduce a feature that captured all those deletes within the platform.

The official Google Analytics Blog explains:

We all make mistakes, but the damage might seem irrevocable when accidentally deleting crucial reporting information from Google Analytics. Thanks to feedback from our users, we’re pleased to introduce a new feature to provide a safety net each time you delete a view, property or account from your Google Analytics account: the Trash Can.

Google Trash Can inside Google Analytics is a refuse bin for any deleted views, properties or accounts. So now, if anything is deleted by accident, it can be picked out of the trash.

Since Google Trash Can was introduced, Google Analytics has been adopted by many small businesses that value their online presence.

The platform delivers website analytics that show from where a site is getting its traffic, including from Google AdWords campaigns.

Analytics uses a dashboard to deliver its reports. The tool can be a bit intimidating to the uninitiated, so an accidental deletion is not out of the realm of possibility.

The Google Trash Can feature will be added to all users’ accounts in the coming weeks. So, if you’re an accidental deleter, you’ll need to be cautious until it’s formally introduced to your account.

How to Use the Google Trash Can in Analytics

When it does go live, here’s how to access the Trash Can in Google Analytics:

  • Navigate to the Administration tab once on the home dashboard.
  • Select an account from where there was an accidentally deleted report.
  • Click ‘Trash Can’ on the left panel after selecting an account.
  • Select any and all information that needs to be restored and click ‘Restore’ to recover the deleted data.

The Google Trash Can empties itself of files after 35 days. So after that, if something was deleted, it’s too late to get it restored.

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  1. A very wise decision. People are accustomed to some type of recovery method for any digital action and analytics data is some of the most valuable info. Good move here.

  2. It’s nice to see that they have this option for people who accidentally deleted their analytics and for people who wanted to delete it but change their minds.

  3. my trashcan is “greyed” out and say i do not have access? i’m the owner of the site and have all accesses selected…thoughts anyone? and yes im one of the idiots who deleted something i shouldnt have…

  4. If something has been deleted and then restored will all of the data from before then will it be accessible like normal?