WitKit Platform Lets Your Team Collaborate in Security


A new collaboration tool’s main goal is to give your company a secure environment to do work.

WitKit is the latest all-in-one collaboration tool. The workplace collaboration suite offers one place to share documents, communicate with staff or co-workers – including a video chat platform – and a place to work on projects together.

A number of these collaboration suites entered the marketplace recently. The aim of these products is to try and replace the myriad other specialty apps that focus on one of the suite’s functions: like video chats, instant messaging, file storage, and collaboration.

Where WitKit believes it can differentiate itself from the others is in security. The company says that the data you share via WitKit is so secure that even it can’t see what you’re doing.

The company announced at its launch that it’s already received $5 million in funding. In a press release, WitKit president and CEO Sean Merat says:

“Our intention with Witkit is to make the first fully encrypted global collaboration platform so that companies and individuals can more easily reap the benefits that socialized teamwork brings to their business challenges.”

WitKit says it has a proprietary means of encrypting the data and information that’s shared on its platform. The company calls the method “WitCrypt” and the only way to de-crypt the information is with a WitKit user’s password.

Merat says:

“The vast majority of breaches today happen on a centralized system which contains sensitive user data. We can confidently say that we’ve minimized most, if not all the risk, to user data being hacked. That is to say that in the unlikely event that the Witkit servers are compromised, there will be no decrypted data to be found.”

The platform works like the others. When you start your workday, you sign in to WitKit. The platform is organized into specialized Kits based on groups of people or specific projects.

WitKit is offering a deal to the first 50,000 users who sign up for the collaboration suite. The company says it will give those users 50GB of data storage and access to its internal apps to use in the suite for free.

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  1. I love how everything is secured but that is kind of debatable. The claim of a secure serve is questionable as nothing is 100% secure these days. Without that, I wonder how it differs from its competitors.