10 Ideas for Maximizing Your Business Online

10 Ideas for Maximizing Your Business Online

Your company needs some kind of online presence if you want to succeed in today’s business world. Whether it’s a blog, social media or some other kind of website, developing a comprehensive online presence is key to making a modern business thrive. But creating and maintaining such an online presence takes time and constant work. Luckily, members of our small business community have experience in all areas of running and marketing their businesses online. Read their tips in this week’s Small Business Trends community and information roundup.

Follow These Blogs for Entrepreneurs

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You can gain a lot of entrepreneurial knowledge by learning about the successes and failures of other business owners. Business blogs can be great resources for such information. And here, Dan Western rounded up 40 top blogs for entrepreneurs. Small Business Trends is honored to be included.

Break These Social Media Rules


There are a lot of “rules” when it comes to posting on social media: post links to other people’s content more than your own, use one or two hashtags per post, etc. But not all of these rules will be best for every business. Zoe Summers points out a couple of the social media rules you might want to ignore here. And BizSugar members discuss the post further.

Design a Website that Works for Your Business

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The design of your website can make a huge impact on whether or not people will visit and actually stick around. There are so many different factors that go into designing an effective website, so Cendrine Marrouat spoke with designer Jon Whitbeck about what goes into a good business website.

Use These Time Saving Tools for Social Management


Any business with an online presence should be using some kind of social media to reach customers. Posting and tracking mentions on a bunch of different platforms can be pretty time consuming though. So Steven Eastlack suggests using some of these time saving tools for social media management.

Improve Customer Engagement Online


Having a successful social media presence means more than just posting links and updates a few times per day. You also need to interact with customers. In this post, Erik Emanuelli shares some tips for interacting with customers online. And the BizSugar community shares some additional thoughts on the topic.

Find Out Why Your Company Might Be Losing Followers

(ME Marketing Services)

Getting followers is only part of the battle when it comes to succeeding on social media. You also have to work constantly to provide great content so that they’ll stick around. There are a few common mistakes that can make customers likely to unfollow, as Jordana Klein points out here.

Improve Your Writing

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Whether you’re an attorney, an artist or any other kind of business owner, the ability to write great content can be a huge asset. But the trick is being able to write in a way that people can actually follow and relate to. In this post, David M. Ward shares a simple way to improve your writing skills.

Have Clear Goals in Mind for Your Website

(Susan Solovic)

Your blog or business website should be an online representation of your brand. So as your business grows and changes, so should your website. That means that every few years or so, you should consider a website redesign. But according to Susan Solovic, you need to set very specific goals for your redesign in order for it to move your brand forward.

Generate Visitors Through Long-Tail Search

(Neil Patel)

When working on your site’s SEO, you’ll focus a lot on one-word keywords. But long-tail keywords can be equally useful for certain websites. Here, Neil Patel gives an in-depth look at long-tail keywords and how they can help grow your website’s audience.

Avoid These Ecommerce Mistakes

(The Drive)

When selling products online, you have to use a lot of different online marketing techniques. And there are a lot of common mistakes that can go along with using those methods, as Susan Payton shares here. Members of the BizSugar community also comment on the post here.

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  1. I am all about customer engagement. Engaged customers are always more likely to be repeat buyers. This is because they buy not only because they like your product but more because they like you.