800-CEO-READ Joins Forces with Page Foundry to Sell eBooks in Bulk


A new deal struck between business book broker 800-CEO-READ and e-book merchant Page Foundry is going to allow small businesses to not only buy more literature but share it, too.

It sounds old-fashioned but a lot of small business owners still use books – those bound things with lots of printed pages, generally found on a shelf – to continue their education.

And a lot of industry-specific information is delivered in book form, too.

Of course, today there are e-books and it’s more than just business owners who are consulting them to further their knowledge base.

800-CEO-READ CEO Sally Haldorson said in an email conversation with Small Business Trends:

“In our book, The 100 Best Business Books of All Time, we wrote, “Sitting at the educational crossroads of ‘I know nothing about this,’ and ‘Let’s hire a consultant,’ good business books contain a high-value proposition for $20 and 2 hours of your attention.”

“Small business owners are busy running their business and often learning as they go. eBooks make that learning even quicker and easier.”

With the deal in place between 800-CEO-READ and Page Foundry, a small business would be able to buy a pin code to a book and then distribute a certain amount of electronic copies of that book to their colleagues or contemporaries.

Both companies involved in the deal have a focus on business book sales. Page Foundry specializes in bulk distribution of eBooks. And 800-CEO-READ has been a resource for business books for more than 30 years.

The partnership means that an 800-CEO-READ customer can decide to buy a bulk amount of eBooks either online or by phone.

Haldorson added in a statement:

“We couldn’t be happier to add bulk eBooks to our palette of services for authors and publishers, and ultimately, the corporate audiences and general business readers looking to improve their working lives.”

As soon as the transaction is complete, the customer gets a series of PIN codes that can be distributed as the purchaser sees fit.

So if a small business owner wants to buy a new eBook on graphic design and deliver it to their team to consult or read, they’d give them a PIN to access the book.

The eBooks purchased from 800-CEO-READ and gotten with that PIN code can be read from within the company’s mobile app, available on Android and iOS.

In an announcement of the deal, 800-CEO-READ says it can also deliver the books in other ways, like email distribution or printed cards for using in a presentation or even a mailer.

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