Devbridge Launches TeamOS at SXSW To Foster Employee Engagement Through Transparency

AUSTIN, Texas, March 16, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Devbridge Group announced the launch of TeamOS at SXSW today to improve enterprise performance by transforming the way teams communicate and collaborate around organizational KPI’s. TeamOS is an internal engagement platform that spans mobile applications, interactive TVs, websites, and portals – connecting and incentivizing communication between local and remote teams. Devbridge debuted TeamOS during SXSW.

The value of the product is based on challenges common to a growing enterprise. Meaningful and insightful employee engagement becomes difficult with scale. Email falls short for communication of ideas top down and bottom up between distributed and/or large teams. Historically, however, transparency and employee engagement have positive impact on enterprise KPI’s. TeamOS facilitates that engagement.

The secure, configurable core platform is white-labeled and comes with add-ons, so organizations can only license the components they need. The product is design with a mobile-first mentality, allowing communication to take place from mobile apps, to a Responsive company portal. The product allows leadership to expose critical business Key Performance Metrics and centralize communication around organization values, objectives, and mission. Information about employees, birthdays, and training events provide transparency within the organization and tightens the bonds between its members, even for teams that are spread around the world.

“There is no such thing as too much communication for and between employees. We built the product out of a need we saw in the company because it was critical to be clear and consistent with our communication about objectives and metrics,” said Aurimas Adomavicius, Devbridge Group President.

The enterprise reality is that company-employee communication just isn’t as efficient or effective as it should be. Employees are often not included in management dialogues and/or their feedback is not heard. These challenges become particularly pronounced as companies grow and the culture integrity starts to waver, especially if they have distributed teams.

TeamOS addresses these challenges. The communication platform is structured into topics around business metrics and KPI’s, employee activity, events and training, facility management, as well as integration into third party tools such as social media, time tracking, and others. The solution is built using security best practices and has been historically implemented at financial services companies. It provides content verification capabilities, role-based security, file and media management, and more. Additionally, TeamOS features modular architecture so businesses only have to license what they need. It is API-driven, which makes integration quick and simple, and allows for any number of additional custom software and applications in the future.

TeamOS empowers medium to large enterprises to make their internal communication as seamless as possible in order to boost organizational efficiency and employee engagement. Devbridge uses TeamOS internally and has implemented it to date with several clients. The solution has already had a positive impact on baseline employee satisfaction.

“Our TeamApp allows me to check on the quarterly performance objectives, post updates to our internal company feed, and create push notification to specific employee groups as I travel for work. It’s an indispensable tool to keep in touch with new hires, quickly share success stories, and incentivize communication.”

About Devbridge Group:
Devbridge Group accelerates product to market delivery through a signature metrics-driven process and dedicated Product Teams. From mobile to web applications, Devbridge Group crafts custom software driven by meticulous design aesthetic, user testing, and an agile process for vertical leaders in manufacturing, financial services, healthcare, and retail.

The company produces over 150,000 engineering hours annually, building custom cloud-based and mobile solutions for mid-market and enterprise clients like McDonalds, Grainger, and the Art Institute of Chicago.


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